Hemant authorities's choice to cancel faux ration playing cards in Jharkhand, new playing cards will likely be made

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Ranchi: The Hemant authorities in Jharkhand has now totally taken over. Jharkhand's Food Consumers Minister Rameshwar Oraon stated that nobody ought to go hungry within the state and everybody ought to get ration, this would be the significance of the federal government. He stated that each one the faux ration playing cards within the state are being canceled.

Minister Rameshwar Oraon stated, "Those who’re poor, beneath poverty line (BPL), will likely be given ration card. <! –

                 It has been seen that those that don’t fall on this class have additionally acquired ration playing cards made. An order has been given to the Deputy Commissioners (District Magistrates) of all of the districts of the state to research such folks. "

He stated, "There are two lakh fake ration cards in the state, which will be canceled. Some ration cords have been canceled. The canceled ration cards belonged to people who had pucca houses and vehicles etc., yet the use of ration cards All the places have been ordered for thorough investigation. "

Oraon stated that many APL class individuals are killing the proper of the proper folks by maintaining ration card of BPL, will exclude such folks from the BPL record. He stated that the gap of the general public distribution system outlets from the residential areas needs to be decreased, it should even be tried.

The minister stated, "New ration cards will also be created after examining the people. The government is working with the goal of giving ration cards to 86 percent people in rural areas. According to the data, applications for ration cards of eight lakh people are pending. A new ration card will also be made soon. "

The minister stated, "Where there is a problem in giving ration using the POS machine, it will also be rectified. Many elders do not get ration due to thumb impression, while they have a card. Optional from the authorities There will be talk about making arrangements. "

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