Here’s Why Fans Believe ‘Basketball Wives’ Star OG Is Trying To Upset Evelyn Lozada

by Jeremy Spirogis
Ogom "OG" Chijindu

Basketball Wives season 8 ended up being a volatile one, with tensions increasing between co-stars Evelyn Lozada and OG that divided the cast completely. The season finished with star and executive producer, Shaunie O’Neal, having to handle accusations of colorism after followers accused the lighter-skinned castmates of dealing with darker-skinned cast members differently. 

Ogom "OG" Chijindu
Ogom “OG” Chijindu 2019 | Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

The crisis has actually proceeded off-screen because the cast makes for period 9. With the next occasion OG is marketing to her social media account, followers are of the opinion this woman is nevertheless keeping a grudge against Lozada. 

Why ‘Basketball Wives’ stars OG and Evelyn Lozada are feuding

OG and Lozada got down to your incorrect begin very nearly instantly. While OG tried to try to reach understand Lozada, Lozada ended up being disinterested. She stated she wasn’t an admirer of OG’s due to her “aggressive” character as well as interjecting herself into various other co-star’s arguments. Lozada additionally made enjoyable of OG’s fashion choices.

Evelyn LozadaEvelyn Lozada
Evelyn Lozada 2016 |
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As the times of year progressed, Basketball Wives viewers began to phone Lozada down for just what they thought to be colorism and intimidation. After arguing with OG throughout most of period 8, Lozada plus some regarding the various other cast users declined to movie together with her for a passing fancy phase in the reunion unique. Ahead regarding the reunion, reports appeared that OG ended up being obligated to movie her meeting in a private room…alone. 

Lozada, other stars regarding the tv show, and Basketball Wives producers had been instantly accused of hypocrisy and separating OG when it comes to alleged “aggressive” behavior. They mentioned that OG had never ever already been actual with any person, unlike Lozada. Fans think the “aggressive” label ended up being colorist because of OG being of Nigerian descent. Their thoughts had been more pressed after Lozada uploaded a note to her Instagram account about OG, combined with a monkey emoji, which will be an animal typically found in racial circumstances against African-Americans. 

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Viewers additionally would not forget whenever Lozada labeled Guiterrez as “Li Li,” a slur typically directed towards individuals of Asian descent. Guiterrez is a Phillioino woman. Lozada later apologize to Guiterrez, also as rejected that she was colorist and claimed she had been Afro-Latina as a defense. 

But the climax of OG and Lozada’s feud stemmed from OG saying that Lozada’s ex-husband, Chad Ochocino, attempted to date her.

‘Basketball Wives’ star OG is hosting a meeting with Evelyn Lozada’s ex-husband, Chad Ochocinco

When OG caught wind that Lozada ended up being making enjoyable of her appearances and look, she ended up being appalled. Lozada insinuated many times throughout period 8 that she performedn’t discover OG appealing. At one point, Lozada called OG unsightly to her face, to which OG reacted, “Ochocinco wanted me,” and reported that Ochocinco have been flirty with her for quite a while.

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Lozada went of her option to get in touch with her ex so that they can discredit OG. Naturally, Ochocinco rejected there clearly was ever before much communication between him and OG and stated it was really OG whom pursued him. He provided Lozada with screenshots of the so-called conversations. Lozada provided all of them to OG, but OG stated they had been modified and showed Lozada the entire conversations right from her phone.

The two bickered until OG declared that Lozada was a racist in their debate. Lozada would later sue OG for defamation of personality and loss in earnings because of her statements against her. She additionally submitted a restraining purchase, that was later rejected. The suit continues to be pending.

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Both women have inked countless interviews because the show broadcast and from OG’s latest Instagram post, her statements about Ochocinco was real. The two tend to be hosting the next occasion collectively. 


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Fans respond to OG using the services of Chad Ochocinco

Viewers made their particular opinions heard on Twitter once word spread about OG and Ochocinco’s event. 

“When you said sizzle her soul you meant it,” on wrote in reaction to OG’s post. “Please god allow this occasion be filmed for the tv show. And please let @CeciliaRN  be back once again to witness the extension regarding the sizzle she began.”

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“Oh Gawd Where is Evilyn,” penned another.

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With Ochocinco asking for OG as a visitor number, it appears to be like he’s got a feeling of laughter concerning the experience additionally. The event is planned for Jan. 31. 

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