Here’s why Ripple (XRP) will hit $1.6 by the end of November 2020

by Patrick Gon
XRP Armys Theory of Everything

Sure, this seems like another clickbaity title set to lure you in to make you read a short four-hundred-word article but that’s not the case. This article will be different because here we take a look at not only what is going on in the market (bearish, bullish, etc) but also what’s happening with the business end of Ripple.

Ripple has always tried to remain transparent about their token XRP and I mention “their” because it is. There was and is always an uncertain question among every XRP investor about will Mr. Brad dump all the XRP in the escrow and never let the price pump or will Moneygram one day dump all their hoarded XRP (despite them telling us they don’t hoard).

These are questions that have to be seriously addressed and they will be today. We are going to look at all of the questions that Ripple/XRP hodlers are riddled with all throughout their hodling journey. Let’s answer these questions so you know why you are holding on it and not selling.

So the age-old questions of is XRP a scam?

How could it be a scam? Whoever came up with this question? To be a scam, you need to create confusion about the origin of the coin, have escrow like features by the company to support its “goals”, create a monster network of Twitter #XrpArmy who sit in their secret offices in Philippines, India and Bangladesh and will defend, die and serve the purpose of protecting XRP’s reputation as the answer to all your eternal questions, including why Trump got elected and why you can’t possibly pee straight? or about how Dr. T (XRPTrump) was Mr. Brad himself sitting in his pot and flushing XRP down the drain of deepthroaters and hodlers who have no right to question his majesty.

No, all of this is not true. XRP is not a scam, let not people fool you into believing that, even if the above-mentioned statements were true, why do we need to believe rational, truthful statements from people we do not like. Hodling XRP is the correct way to become a millionaire. Like someone said, “I believe in myself”.

Why will it hit $1.6 by 2020?

Here let’s look at technical indicators as to why it will touch $1.6 and beyond by the end of 2020. Ignoring the rubbish chatter, technical indicators are always correct. Attached below is a chart that proves why XRP will hit $1.6.

XRP Armys Theory of Everything

XRP Armys Theory of Everything

So don’t let anyone deceive or fool you into selling your XRP, in fact, you should do exactly the opposite of what logical, clever and honest people say. Sell your house, sell your wife to the nearest pimp, sell your kids, sell your kidney,  live on the streets and stop eating. You need to buy XRP because… All Hail XRP! and Hail Ripple! Never question anything.

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