Here’s Why Wendy Williams Never Wears Heels on Her Show

by Jeremy Spirogis
Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is now probably the most well-known talk reveal hosts in daytime tv. Williams was hosting her very own tv show for longer than 10 years, and she really loves relating to the market in every thing she covers. But whenever she initially walks up to her seat for “Hot Topics,” followers might notice that she’s never ever putting on pumps. Here’s why.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Williams features attained a huge group of fans over time

Williams broke to the news globe when she went to university at Northeastern University. She managed a radio tv show and proceeded in order to become a significant radio DJ. But as soon as the notion of a talk tv show emerged, she along with her then-husband, Kevin Hunter, believed it had been advisable. Williams begun hosting her tv show in 2008, and because then, she’s got attained a huge group of fans. Williams in addition has since recorded for breakup from Hunter, and she admitted to fans in 2019 that she had invested a while staying in a sober home. But her committed followers stuck by her through the whole thing.

She keeps her show much more special than the others

Williams’ lover base features likely grown due to the method she interacts together with them. On the tv show, she views all of them her “co-hosts” and means they are a fundamental piece of her tv show. Williams often asks her audience to “clap” if they trust one thing, and toward the termination of the tv show, she jumps to the market and provides guidance to those who have concerns. Williams in addition has made “Hot Topics” the trademark element of her tv show, where she talks about star gossip and does not hold-back on her behalf viewpoints — and that is exactly what most people enjoy about her.

Williams never ever wears pumps due to her Graves’ Disease

Some viewers have actually most likely noticed that Williams never ever wears pumps on her behalf tv show anymore — plus some might recall the scary example whenever Williams fainted on her behalf tv show on Halloween back in 2017. The two are in reality associated. The fainting incident caused Williams, who had previously been fighting Graves’ Disease for a long time but had held it from increasing, to understand that the illness had been impacting her everyday life yet again.

Graves’ illness is a resistant condition that triggers the thyroid to overproduce its thyroid hormones. Williams mentioned so it had been causing issues with her balance, so she ended using pumps to minimize the likelihood of her dropping her stability and dropping.

Williams features constantly had a love for enjoyable footwear

Though Williams does not put on stilettos any longer, it does not indicate she does not nevertheless love all of them. The talk tv show number has actually constantly had a love for footwear, and she tends to make her friends’ shoes become a focal point of her tv show. Williams has anything known as a “Shoe Cam” where friends place their particular feet in a particular spot-on a floor, as well as the Shoe Cam showcases what sort of footwear they’re wearing. Fans love to notice it, and has now become another trademark which makes her show distinct from most of the other individuals. Williams wears either sneakers (tennis footwear) or flats on her behalf tv show rather than the pumps.

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