Highest deaths and violence in this state during demonstration of citizenship law

by Patricia Lin
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Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of deaths and violence during the performance of citizenship law. Let me tell you that many people are alleging that the police is falsely implicating them. At the same time, the Yogi Adityanath government is leaving no stone unturned to catch the people involved in the violent protests, the protesters whose photographs have been pasted for identification in different districts are now inventing a new way of survival. <! –


Let me tell you that out of those protesting against the citizenship law, the picture of those who committed violence is Uttar Pradesh in every area. Let me tell you that to avoid the law, the protesters are changing the hulia.

According to a news agency, the youth whose photographs have been included in the list of 'wanted' people are shaving, shaving hair at local salons in Lucknow, Kanpur and Meerut.

At the same time, a senior police officer said, "We are now deploying policemen dressed in plain clothes to catch people who think they can avoid the law by shaving beards and getting haircuts. Posters are being provided and they are taking help to identify such elements. We are conducting CCTV searches in the saloon and adjoining areas to identify the suspects. "

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