The history of Vtubing

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The history of Vtubing: How it all started

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The history of Vtubing

Are you a fan of Vtubers? Have you ever wondered how Vtubing got started? The history of Vtubing, also known as Vtuber history, is an interesting story about the rise of virtual content creators. Let’s dive into the world of Vtubing and learn how it all started!


Firstly, what is Vtubing? Vtubing is the practice of creating virtual characters that interact with their audience through live streaming or pre-recorded videos.

It is a form of content creation that has gained popularity in recent years, especially in Japan. This trend has even spread to other countries, where Vtubers have gained millions of fans.

Vtubing started in 2011 with the creation of the Vocaloid software, which allowed users to create virtual singers. The software became popular in Japan, with virtual singers such as Hatsune Miku gaining a massive following. In 2016, Kizuna AI debuted on YouTube, becoming the first virtual YouTuber to gain popularity. Kizuna AI’s success paved the way for other Vtubers to enter the industry.

The Early Days of Vtubing

The first Vtuber to gain popularity was Kizuna AI, who debuted in 2016. Kizuna AI is a virtual YouTuber that became an overnight sensation. She was one of the first Vtubers to showcase the potential of virtual content creation.

After Kizuna AI’s success, other Vtubers began to emerge, such as Mirai Akari and Kaguya Luna. In 2017, the establishment of virtual agencies such as Nijisanji and Hololive Production allowed for more Vtubers to join the industry.

One of the early Vtubers that gained a lot of attention was Mirai Akari. Mirai Akari’s character was based on a high school girl who loves to stream and interact with her fans.

Her popularity paved the way for other Vtubers who wanted to create their own unique virtual characters. Kaguya Luna, who debuted in 2017, was also an early Vtuber that gained a following. Kaguya Luna’s character was based on a magical girl who loves to sing and perform.

The Emergence of Hololive

Hololive Production, founded in 2017, became one of the most popular virtual agencies in Japan. Hololive is home to many talented Vtubers, including Kiryu Coco, Mori Calliope, and Houshou Marine.

Hololive’s popularity skyrocketed when their Vtubers began to collaborate with each other, creating unique and entertaining content. This led to the establishment of the “Hololive Resistance” subunit, which further increased their fan base.

One of the most popular Hololive Vtubers is Kiryu Coco. Kiryu Coco’s character is a dragon who loves to interact with her fans and play games. Her personality and unique character design have gained her a massive following.

Mori Calliope, who debuted in 2020, is another popular Hololive Vtuber. Her character is based on a grim reaper who loves to sing and perform. She has gained a lot of attention for her rap performances and unique style.

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The Expansion of Vtubing

With the rise of Vtubers, independent Vtubers began to emerge, creating their own unique virtual characters. Some of these independent Vtubers include Usada Pekora, Kson, and Nekomasu. Additionally, Vtubing expanded beyond Japan, with Vtubers from other countries gaining popularity.

Some of these international Vtubers include Kson and Silvervale from Australia, Projekt Melody from the United States, and Mirai and Mirai Akari Project from China.

Vtubing has also led to the establishment of Vtuber communities and events. Some of the most popular Vtuber events include Virtual YouTuber Expo (VTuber Expo) and V-Carnival. These events allow Vtubers to showcase their talents and interact with their fans. They also provide a platform for Vtubers to collaborate with each other, creating unique and entertaining content.

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The Future of Vtubing

The potential for Vtubing to continue to grow is massive. With the advancements in technology, the possibilities for virtual content creation are endless. We may see the emergence of more complex and realistic virtual characters in the future.

Additionally, Vtubing has already had a significant impact on popular culture. Vtubers have become mainstream, with some Vtubers even being featured in advertisements and collaborating with mainstream celebrities.

The influence of Vtubers on popular culture is significant. Vtubers have created a new form of entertainment that is unique and engaging. They have also created a new way for content creators to interact with their audience.

Vtubers are not just virtual characters, but they are also real people behind the screen. They interact with their fans, creating a sense of community that is unique to Vtubing.

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In conclusion, the history of Vtubing is an interesting story about the rise of virtual content creation. From the early days of Kizuna AI to the establishment of Hololive and the expansion of Vtubing beyond Japan, Vtubing has come a long way.

The future of Vtubing is bright, with the potential for continued growth and the impact of technology advancements. Vtubers have created a new form of entertainment that is unique and engaging, and they have become a significant part of popular culture.

The history of Vtubing is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting industry.

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