Holi particular: Devotee Prahlada's village is in Mathura, the priest walks out of the center of the burning Holi right here

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Lucknow. This time Holika Dahan will probably be held on the complete moon of Falgun Mass on Monday 9 March. Holi of Mathura and Vrindavan is legendary all around the world. Falain, positioned close to Mathura in UP, is taken into account to be the village of Prahlada, an unique devotee of Lord Vishnu. In this village even today a priest emerges from the center of a burning Holi on Holika Dahan, however the hearth doesn’t burn him. The priest household of Falain has been following this custom for hundreds of years. People from all around the world arrive to see this wonderful scene. On this event, an enormous honest is organized within the village.

For this custom of Holika Dahan, the member of the priest household who has to go away from the burning Holi, leaves house from a month in the past and stays within the temple. <! –

                 While staying there, he recites prayers, chants and fasts. Only then does he go away the center of the burning bonfire. This time a priest named Monu will go away within the midst of the burning Holi. Every yr on Holi, one member from Monu's household does this dangerous job. According to Premsukh Kaushik, social employee of Gram Panchayat Falain, hundreds of individuals from all around the world attain Falain village to see these miracles on Holi. The priest household has 20-30 homes within the village. Every time earlier than the Holi, it’s determined within the Panchayat that who will come out of the burning Holi this yr.

Bhagwat spokesperson of Falain village Sant Yogiraj Maharaj mentioned that Holika Dahan program takes place right here on a grand scale. People carry kandes from round 5-7 villages to brighten the Holika. In such a state of affairs, hundreds of condes are gathered right here. Holika is ready from all condoms about 25 ft large and 8-10 ft excessive. Holika is worshiped by the individuals in and across the village on Phalgun Purnima. Holika is lit at evening. After this, within the auspicious time, the monks go away within the burning Holi. This feat is just for a short while. Monu's father has been out of the burning Holi 10 occasions earlier than this yr. The hair of the panda emanating from the burning Holi additionally doesn’t burn. The individuals of the village organize meals and lodging for all of the visitors.

The priest, who comes out of the burning Holi, revolves across the complete village with the individuals a month earlier than. After this one worships the place of Holi and begins doing penance in Prahlada temple. Fruits are accomplished for a full month. The priest, who comes out of the burning Holi throughout this occasion, doesn’t even sleep for about three days. A day earlier than Holi, the individuals of the village put together large Holika with the assistance of condoms. Holika is worshiped on Phalgun Purnima and Holi is burnt.

According to the custom, the priest's aunt brings a lotus of water from the Prahlad Kund and pours it into the burning Holi. This calms Holika. After this, the priest takes a shower within the Prahlada Kund and with a garland, garland, the devotee walks out of the burning Holi, meditating on Prahlada. The warmth of the hearth has no unwell impact on the physique of the priest even after he exits the hearth.

Village of Prahlada, an unique devotee of Shri Hari

According to common perception, this village is the village of Prahlada, son of Daityaraj Hiranyakashyap. In historical occasions, a saint did penance right here. At that point, a priest household of this village dreamed that the idol was buried underneath a tree. After this dream, members of the village priest household had been excavated underneath the steerage of the saint. In this excavation, an idol of Lord Narasimha and devotee Prahlada was discovered. Then the saint blessed the priest household that yearly on Holi, each member of this household will do devotion with full honesty and religion, he’ll get the particular grace of the devotee Prahlada and he can get out of the burning Holi. Even after doing this, the warmth of the hearth won’t have any impact on his physique. There is a temple of devotee Prahlada right here and there’s additionally a pool.

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