Holi Special: This one answer carried out by Holika Dahan will make all the problems that you experienced disappear completely !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
Holi Special: This one solution done by Holika Dahan will make all the problems in your life go away !!

On this very day Holika Dahan is worshiped for legal reasons. At the period of Holika Dahan, the locks of grain emerges to Holika Mai. The boon of might is tried.

On your day of Holika Dahan, many individuals make the ashes towards the household after burning, these ashes avoid various kinds of flaws, in order to keep this ash in the home with a few things, the unfavorable things of the home tend to be eliminated therefore the fortune is shining. <! –


The very first option would be to collect the ashes of Holi, blend just a little ash and standing sodium inside it and ensure that is stays in a cooking pot and hold these utensils in a secure location, this treatment gets clear of eye flaws and bad times.

Second treatment: recite Hanuman Chalisa in the nights Holi, after this, recite Hanuman Chalisa when day-to-day for 40 successive times, this may pull all of your difficulties.

Third treatment: To eliminate the fault for the no planets associated with horoscope, provide ashes of Holi in the Shivling, you may blend it in this clean liquid.

Fourth treatment: Offer food to an unhealthy individual on Holi and donate money according to your desire.

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