Holi custom began from this temple of Pakistan! Knowing today's situation, the soul will tremble

by Jeremy Spirogis
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The custom of celebrating Holi began from Prahlad Temple, a devotee of Lord Vishnu current in Pakistan, however now its situation will not be seen by anybody. Holika Dahan is carried out on the total moon of Phalgun Shukla Paksha throughout Pradoshkal. This time Holika Dahan is falling on 9 March. On this event, we’re going to inform you about such a temple, about which it’s believed that that is the place the custom of celebrating Holi began.

The temple is a temple of Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, within the metropolis of Multan in Punjab province, Pakistan. The title of this temple is Prahladpuri Temple. Special puja-archana is organized right here on the time of Holi. <! –

                 Holika Dahan pageant is widely known right here for 2 days.

It is alleged that on this Punjab province current in Pakistan, Holi is widely known for 9 days from Holika Dahan. On the day of Holi, Matki is burnt in West Punjab and East Punjab. Like India, right here too it’s hung at excessive altitude. People right here construct pyramids and break the Matki. The pageant of Holi right here is called Chowk-Poorna.

It is alleged about this temple that right here Lord Narasimha got here out of a pillar and killed Prahlad's father Hiranyakashipu. After this, Prahlada himself constructed this temple. It can also be believed that the pageant of Holi and the follow of Holika Dahan additionally began from right here.

What is mythology?

According to the legend, Holika was the aunt of Prahlad. Prahlada's father Daityaraja Hiranyakashipu hated Lord Vishnu as a result of Lord Vishnu killed his elder brother Hiranyaksha within the Varaha avatar. While devotees had been devotees of Prahlada Shrihari. They had been absorbed of their devotion.

Hiranyakaship tried lots to kill Prahlada, however on a regular basis he suffered a failure. He then had a plan along with his sister Holika to kill Prahlad. Actually, Holika had the boon that she couldn’t burn within the hearth. But when Holika sat within the hearth with Prahlad, she was burnt and Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu.

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