Horse trading problem caught fire: VD's message on Digvijay

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Raj Express In the politics of Madhya Pradesh, the time of rhetoric and counter-accusation goes on amongst the two functions, as a result of which Congress veteran and previous Chief Minister Digvijay Singh of Horse Trading regarding the BJP for the condition through the hit conference in New Delhi recently. Serious allegations had been made by which in retaliation, previous BJP Chief Minister Shivraj and Leader of Opposition Bhargava had landed. Newcomer BJP condition in Ltwar procedure is standing frontrunner who had been unrestrained by fresh allegations of Diggy.

Former Chief Minister Diggi accused

In this case, previous Minister Singh stated that, from the time the Congress government ended up being created in Madhya Pradesh, BJP leaders happen plotting energy. <! –

                 Digvijay Singh features accused MP BJP when trying to buy Congress MLAs and topple the government-Talking to reporters during the hit summit, Diggi accused BJP, Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Narottam Mishra of getting and offering MLAs, stating that these people were supplying 25 to 35 crores to Congress MLAs. At the same time frame, caution the BJP, i desired to warn the BJP individuals who they don’t realize such Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh is a different condition and whatever activity has been done let me reveal today being carried out during the behest for the Center. , They will likely not allow such energy succeed.

State President Sharma stated the allegations had been unrestrained

Terming the allegations of previous minister Digvijay Singh as unrestrained in this respect, BJP condition president Vishnudutt Sharma retorted that, All the allegations made by previous minister Singh are unwarranted, they usually have no business except to make allegations. Today, Digvijay Singh won’t have any riot-provoking problem, nor maybe there is any problem which can be deadly towards the nation, thus such unrestrained allegations are increasingly being made by him.

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