How Daniel Radcliffe and Girlfriend Erin Darke Are Spending Quarantine

by Jeremy Spirogis
Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe was a visitor on The Last Show with Stephen Colbert on March 31. He participated in a video chat interview with Colbert whereas each had been at house. Radcliffe is staying at house along with his girlfriend, Erin Darke. He shared how they’re holding busy. Radcliffe stars on Miracle Workers, which is now streaming on the TBS app. 

Daniel Radcliffe had a compulsory two week quarantine

Even if there weren’t keep at house orders in lots of cities, Radcliffe would have needed to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. He was on a global flight, which now carries with it obligatory quarantine orders.

“I got in from Europe,” Radcliffe defined. “I was doing a play in London which obviously, [was] among many plays that closed early. My girlfriend is here and I was just like very, very concerned to get back to her through all this and not be [apart]. So I got on what I think was one of the last flights out before they shut down all the flights. This is day 11 of 14 of not leaving the house.”

Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe
Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Radcliffe didn’t contract COVID-19, opposite to a hoax that went round three weeks in the past.

“I just went into hair and makeup before I was doing the play,” Radcliffe stated. “The makeup artist said to me, ‘You’ve got coronavirus.’ He had got a text from his niece, very much like a warning text, you shouldn’t be working with him, he shouldn’t be there at all. I’ve had various weird stories made up about me over the years but none as topical as this.”

Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke’s self-isolation actvities

Radcliffe talked about two issues he and Darke are doing to move the time. One is a person exercise, however the different is one thing they will do collectively.

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe | Ian West/PA Images through Getty Images

“I’m reading a lot, doing all the things that other people are,” Radcliffe stated. “The thing that has mainly passed a lot of the time, although there is now a huge hole in our lives because it’s finished, we did a massive Lego project: A 3200-ish piece set of Jurassic Park. It’s the doors and a T-Rex. It’s awesome. It was very, very fun to do and took up a lot of time and weirdly meditative.”

Erin Darke did the heavy Lego lifting

Radcliffe gave Darke credit score the place it was due. She actually constructed Jurassic Park, however she was sort sufficient to let him assist. 

“I think we did it over the course of three days,” Radcliffe stated. “We could’ve done it faster if we’d been exclusively doing it but we’ve got the time. I actually find the trying to follow instructions and wonder if I’m getting it right part quite stressful but I don’t really do that. I just organize the pieces into shapes and colors. Then I pass them to Erin as she puts it together. So when I say I built a Lego, I helped.”

Radcliffe turned his digital camera round to indicate Colbert and the oldsters at house their Jurassic Park construct.

“I can’t believe I’m getting ready to go on Stephen Colbert and show him my Legos,” Radcliffe stated. “The doors open.”

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