How do birds fly?

by Jeremy Spirogis
How do birds fly in pakistan

By : Kashif Chishti

The bird’s wings are designed for various types of flying, birds can fly high, glide or fly with their wings. All birds use the same mechanism for flight. Birds’ wings are like airplane wings. The upper surface of the wings is convex.

The bottom surface is slightly flat. The wind speed in the upper part of the wings is faster than the bottom . So it lifts the bird up and the lift power exceeds the bird’s weight.

The air in front of the birds creates resistance. The bird has to overcome this resistance to push forward . The force of the push increases the angle of the leading edge of the wing. The resulting wind, also known as an angle of attack, increases the lift.

The bird rises upwards and its angle of attack increases. The elevation of the angle of attack increases the level of air flow randomly. Increasing Angle of Attack reduces lift. To overcome this clutter, two adaptations are found in birds.

There are cracks in the leading edge of the bird’s wing, from which the air passes away. In some birds, a group of small wings, also called alula, is present at the inner margin of the wings. It also eliminates the clutter of air.

The distal part of the wings produces the force of a push for flight, the last part of which is related to the shoulder joint. That is why it moves faster than proxy mill part. Wings produce two types of stroke.

Power stroke

It is downwards. During the power stroke, the leading edge of the edge moves slightly downward. It provides the kind of bounce like the aircraft has to offer.

Recovery stroke

It is upward while the side of the wing is upward which reduces the resistance, the feathers are slightly separated. This causes the air to pass through those that resist during the recovery stroke.

Tails also play an important role in flying birds, keeping their balance, direction, and air brakes during flying. It also increases the lift of the wings during light speed flight. During the horizontal flight, the birds spread the tails. While the effects of closing the tail wings are the opposite. Bending the tails to the sides helps turn the bird. Birds land by turning the tails downward.

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