How Princess Diana Inspired a Statue of Disney’s Cinderella Lying Dead

by Jeremy Spirogis
How Princess Diana Inspired a Statue of Disney’s Cinderella Lying Dead

Princess Diana is likely one of the most well-known princesses ever. Similarly, Cinderella is likely one of the most well-known Disney princesses ever. The two crossed paths in an surprising method due to world-renown avenue artist Banksy.

Banksy created a parody theme park known as Dismaland. It featured sculptures and work which made enjoyable of Disney characters like Minnie Mouse and Ariel. Here’s how Banksy used a hanging statue of Cinderella to touch upon the Princess of Wales’ dying.

Banksy’s sculpture of Walt Disney’s Cinderella | Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Banksy reveals us ‘How it feels to be a real princess’

Disney’s Cinderella ends with the title character and Prince Charming getting in a carriage to go off to their honeymoon. Walt Disney and his movies have influenced quite a few different artists. For instance, Banksy appropriated some imagery from this scene in his personal darkish, twisted method.

Dismaland, Banksy’s Disneyland parody, included a fortress which gave the impression to be a rusted, gloomy model of Cinderella’s fortress. Inside was a statue of Cinderella’s carriage overturned. The princess lies lifeless in it. Her lengthy blonde hair is proven falling out of the carriage. Next to her are a bunch of statues of paparazzi snapping photographs, apparently unphased by the crash.

The statue is made to resemble Princess Diana’s tragic automotive crash dying. The paparazzi in Banksy’s piece are clearly designed to seem like the paparazzi who adopted Diana. Banksy’s emphasis on Cinderella’s hair is a reference to how Diana’s hair was seen from her automotive following her dying.

Princess Diana’s automotive | PIERRE BOUSSEL/AFP through Getty Images

Banksy’s introduction to the piece stated it will assist onlookers “Step inside the fairy tale and see how it feels to be a real princess.” To a point, Banksy was clearly right. His statue does depict “how it feels to be a real princess,” given how Diana died. However, that didn’t cease his piece from inspiring revulsion. The Daily Expresss stated Banksy might have “gone too far” with the sculpture.

It would definitely be straightforward to see this piece and Dismaland as a complete as a criticism of Disney. Banksy, nonetheless, stated “It’s not a swipe at Disney. I banned any imagery of Mickey Mouse from the site. It’s a showcase for the best line-up of artists I could imagine, apart from the two who turned me down.”

Banksy’s different Princess Diana piece

One of Banksy’s pseudo-banknotes.

This wasn’t the one time Princess Diana was depicted in Banksy’s artwork. British forex typically options the faces of British monarchs. Banksy created faux British forex with Diana’s face on it.

The faux banknotes stated they have been made by the “Banksy of England.” The be aware additionally stated “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the ultimate price.” Those phrases appear particularly sinister due to Diana’s dying.

What is Banksy making an attempt to say by these items? That’s clearly as much as interpretation. However, each items present that persons are nonetheless fascinated by Princess Diana years after she died. In conclusion, Diana’s continued affect on artists reveals she has turn into one among Britain’s best popular culture icons.

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