How The Underwater Ending Sets Up A Potential Sequel

by Jeremy Spirogis
Underwater Kristen Stewart looks back

Warning: we’re about to dive into spoilers for Underwater. If you haven’t seen the movie but and need to stay spoiler free, resurface and are available again down when you’ve skilled it for your self.

As one of many first new motion pictures of 2020, Underwater is seeking to scare up some field workplace thrills, with Kristen Stewart and her co-stars going through off in opposition to a creature so mysterious, it merely couldn’t die off in only one movie’s occasions. Which signifies that the ending to director William Eubank’s movie has to construct the bridge to a possible sequel, offered the movie delivers on this season of surprises.

Sure sufficient, the finale to this potential sci-fi blockbuster does have a simple level to construct a franchise of Underwater adventures off of, or on the very least, set the stage for a possible Underwater 2. And with audiences at all times searching for new IP to rally round, we’d simply see that occur.

Last name for avoiding spoilers, as we’re about to recap Underwater’s deep finale, and see what may come as much as the floor in its wake.

Underwater Norah bathed in a blue-green glow

How Underwater Ended

After slogging from Underwater’s place to begin of Kepler Station, three underwater crew members make it to the endpoint of the movie’s perilous journey: Norah Price (Kristen Stewart,) Liam Smith (John Gallagher Jr.,) and Emily Haversham (Jessica Henwick.)

Safely in Roebuck Station, the three intrepid survivors don’t have lengthy to flee to the floor, because the parasitic creatures which were plaguing our Underwater characters are surrounding the bottom. And to make issues worse, their host organism, a big creature of Lovecraftian proportions, is able to crush your entire place at will.

A race in opposition to time ensues for Norah, Liam, and Emily to search out the escape pods on Roebuck Station, and jettison themselves to the floor. Of course, with three folks, three escape pods are wanted; and that is the place Underwater lands a merciless twist.

Underwater Jessica Henwick and Kristen Stewart

Who Survived Underwater’s Fateful Climax?

Out of three escape pods out there at Underwater’s Roebuck Station, solely two are functioning and able to save the day. Taking it upon herself to be the sacrificial hero, Kristen Stewart’s Norah helps her friend Emily load her boyfriend Liam into the primary pod, sending him off safely.

When it comes time to package deal Emily for her ascent to the floor, Norah has to combat to get her into the pod. She even punches Emily to try to knock her out, or at the least stun her lengthy sufficient to get her into the pod. Locked and secured, Emily and Liam’s pods make their approach to the floor.

However, the smaller symbotic creatures of Underwater make chase after these pods, which leaves Norah to make the final word sacrifice. Overloading the ability core to Roebuck Station, Norah destroys the big creature and its smaller associates, permitting Liam and Emily to outlive.

Underwater John Gallagher Jr and Jessica Henwick in their suits, minus helmets

What Clues Did Underwater Leave To A Potential Follow-up?

Being the creature function that it’s, Underwater borrows one other web page from the Alien playbook of occasions, and leaves some clues as to how the sequence may proceed. While Kristen Stewart’s Norah is lifeless, gone, and unlikely to return for a sequel, the main focus now turns to the corporate that was paying for this entire factor within the first place: Tian Industries.

In a very company transfer, Underwater’s company overseer rescues Emily and Liam, however makes positive that their testimony is assessed. All particulars pertaining to this incident are sealed, and the press aren’t allowed to interview our two remaining characters.

And, in a ultimate coup de grace of a call that nearly ensures an overview for Underwater 2: Sink Harder ought to be drafted, Tian Industries publicizes that they’ll resume drilling operations. Just as quickly as they’ve rebuilt their infrastructure for such operations.

Underwater crew member walking towards a giant set of teeth

Should There Be A Sequel To Underwater?

Whether or not a sequel to Underwater goes to occur is finally as much as two vested events: the followers that loved this movie sufficient to be left wanting extra, and the studio executives that need to see a brand new franchise to be mined for thrilling content material.

Putting these involved individuals apart, a sequel to Underwater could possibly be an attention-grabbing extension of the bestiary we received a fast glimpse of on the backside of the ocean. As Tian Industries will likely be resuming their operations, regardless of standard knowledge warning in opposition to such a prospect, we’d get to see thrilling beasties of all styles and sizes upon returning to the underside of the ocean.

Also, With Jessica Henwick’s Emily and John Gallagher Jr’s Liam surviving the primary journey, we’d have two potential consultants which can be drafted to make sure that issues run easily. Much because the James Cameron sequel Aliens had Ripley coming again to assist Weyland-Yutani attempt to save their pursuits on LV-426, Emily and Liam could be the folks to go to in an effort to discover these Underwater depths as soon as once more.

Finally, for folks invested in how the connection between our remaining solid members has developed because the finish of Underwater, that type of story could be an ideal emotional core to construct the terrifying motion round. Though, as with all return to a universe corresponding to Underwater would require, the stakes will should be raised; and with that notion, our heroes may not survive one other spherical as simply as that they had this primary day out.

It’s not straightforward to drag collectively a film like Underwater, however that’s the type of danger any unique movie runs with being introduced into existence. So ought to this creature function see itself renewed for additional adventures the place most people worry to tread, one may say the onerous half is over.

The normal universe is constructed and able to be resurrected, and even with Kristen Stewart not returning to the fold, there’s a wealthy backstory for a brand new installment to select up after. Whether it continues or not is probably the best unknown amount, because the field workplace efficiency of Underwater’s general theatrical launch would be the defining consider that matter.

Should you need to return to its murky waters and acquire much more clues as to the place a possible sequence may go, or if you wish to present your family and friends the magic and terror that’s Underwater, it’s in theaters now for these keen to take the dive.

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