How to drop a uncooked egg on the ground that it doesn’t break?

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Question- How to drop a uncooked egg on the ground that it’s not damaged?

Answer- The flooring is stronger than the egg, it won’t break.

Question- What will you do if you happen to get up one morning and all of the sudden discover that you’re pregnant?

Answer- I will probably be very comfortable and provides this excellent news to my husband.

Question- A cat had three youngsters named Jan, Feb and May. Mother's title was 'Kya'.

Answer- What is mom's title.

Question- What will I do if I run away along with your sister?

Answer- You may get chosen as a result of I couldn’t discover a higher individual for my sister than you.

Question- James ejects Baud from a airplane with out a parachute, however he survives. <! –


Answer – Because the airplane was on the runway at the moment.

Question- What would be the reverse of Nag Panchami?

Answer – Nang Don't Punch Me.

Question- How can a person dwell with out sleep for eight days?

Answer- Because, he sleeps at evening.

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