How to make milk sevai in the home, discover how

by Jeremy Spirogis
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You should have already been making milk sevaks, but perhaps you have ever made sevilla without milk, if you don’t, make them today. Milk sevaiyan can be made nice additionally the method to make it really is additionally simple. Many times we feel just like consuming anything nice after-dinner. In such a scenario, absolutely nothing could be much better than sevio without milk. Sweets without milk is just one such nice meal that one may consume after consuming. <! –

                 So let's understand how to make it.

necessary ingredients

Macaroni – 1½ cups
Sugar – ½ cup
Ghee – 2 tablespoons
Cashew sliced – 8-10
Almonds – 8-10
Cardamom – 4

Method of planning: To make sevoys without milk, very first slice cashews and almonds into pieces. Now placed a pan in the fuel and include ghee to it and allow it warm up. When the ghee gets hot, include sevaiyan and fry till it becomes light brown. Now include sliced almonds and cashews and fry them softly. When it fry softly, remove it in a dry dish. Now with this we are going to make syrup as well as for this take a deep base cooking pot and include liquid to it. When the liquid boils, include sugar to it and prepare it while stirring sometimes before the sugar dissolves totally. When the sugar dissolves, include roasted macaroni and protect it with a lid. Let it cook on moderate heat for 5 minutes. After this incorporate cardamom dust and blend it really while stirring. Then prepare for 5 minutes while stirring. After this, switch off the fuel and protect the sevices. Non-milk sevai is ready. Take it in a serving dish and offer hot.

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