How to Make the MCU Better: More Villains Interacting with Other Villains

by Jeremy Spirogis
Kevin Feige speaks onstage

The Marvel Cinematic Universe could also be most recognized for its superheroes, however they’re not the one ones making the films as profitable as they’re.

The villains are one other enormous piece of the MCU puzzle that retains individuals coming again for extra. And whereas Marvel has launched some fantastically evil villains through the years, followers assume the franchise has missed probably the most apparent concepts: a villain team-up. 

Some of the MCU’s most-loved villains

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

With 23 movies beneath its belt and eight extra with scheduled launch dates within the subsequent two years, the MCU has confirmed itself capable of preserve followers . Part of what makes the movies so charming is Marvel’s skill to include well-rounded villains into the storylines.

Don’t get us fallacious — there have been loads of disappointing villains through the years, however there are just a few that basically stand out to followers. 

Thanos, specifically, is a fan-favorite villain. Thanos’ motivation for evil (within the type of killing half of the universe — no huge deal!) comes from watching his residence planet die as a result of overpopulation. He believes he’s appearing for the higher good by giving the remaining inhabitants extra sources and permitting them to thrive.

Fans love that Thanos actually believes he’s attempting to save lots of the universe, making him a sophisticated villain.

Another villain that followers love to look at fire up hassle is Loki. The aptly-named God of Mischief is consistently one step forward of everybody else, permitting him the flexibility to really wreak havoc on these round him.

Loki has persistently been probably the most unpredictable villain within the MCU to date, and that’s a significant purpose why he’s a fan favourite. 

Fans need to see a villain team-up sooner or later

While all of us have our favourite villains, some followers are questioning what would occur if Marvel had a few of them crew up collectively.

In a latest post on Reddit, one person questioned what it might be like if the MCU integrated a villain team-up storyline. While the person mentions that it might be enjoyable to look at a crew of villains struggle a crew of superheroes, that’s not all that may be attention-grabbing.

“I want to know how the villains would feel about one another. How would their personalities or ideologies clash? How similar or different would their team dynamic be to the Avengers? Would they function well together or would any villain team be doomed to fail?”

The Avengers notoriously work effectively collectively, however how related would a crew of villains be? Many villains — not solely within the MCU — are motivated by egocentric wishes and a quest for energy. These characters can be unlikely to work effectively in a crew with different villains. But different characters who’re motivated by non-egotistical wishes may fit effectively collectively. 

What villains can be prone to kind an alliance?

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Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2 can be our first cease on the villain team-up prepare. Hammer can be itching on the likelihood to posthumously one-up Tony Stark, and he’d be capable of provide the crew with weapons. He’s at present being held in custody, however may simply be damaged out by a crew of dangerous guys.

Another good addition to the villain crew can be Mordo from Doctor Strange. Mordo would be capable of counter the likes of Doctor Strange and Scarlett Witch through the use of magic as effectively. As revealed in Doctor Strange, Mordo thinks there are “too many sorcerers” on the earth, and that could possibly be a part of his motivation in opposition to the heroes.

Master manipulator Helmut Zemo from Captain America: Civil War can be one other glorious selection to affix this crew of dangerous guys. He managed to separate the Avengers just by scheming, and that’s one thing that any crew may use. 

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