Hulk Could Have Been the Most Powerful Avenger — What Happened?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Mark Ruffalo

One of the favourite pastimes that comedian ebook followers have is evaluating characters with each other in hypothetical situations. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, identical to the comics, does a great job of fostering these sorts of discussions too. That stated, the Hulk is a giant departure from what he’s like within the comics.

This isn’t uncommon, as many characters, just like the Scarlet Witch, should be modified with a view to match within the MCU. But sadly for Bruce Banner, Marvel has needed to change the Hulk quite a bit in order that he can match within the motion pictures. 

How highly effective is the Hulk within the comics?

Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

As comedian ebook followers would attest, there have been a long time of comics and plenty of comedian books have taken the Hulk in numerous instructions. However, like Marvel followers on Reddit wrote, one thing that has stayed fixed is Hulk’s energy on the subject of his rage. Obviously, Banner turns into the Hulk every time he’s indignant.

That stated, within the comics, the Hulk can turn out to be even stronger the extra indignant he will get. In reality, within the comics, Hulk’s energy can also be tied to radiation, and the extra radiation he absorbs, the extra highly effective he will get. This is what occurred in a single comedian ebook collection, and it’s additionally why CBR stated that the Hulk is probably the most highly effective Avenger.

At one level, the Hulk was so indignant and highly effective that he may even destroy total planets.

How highly effective is the Hulk within the MCU?

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But, like Marvel followers stated on Reddit, the Hulk doesn’t get that loopy within the motion pictures. In reality, the comedian books the place the Hulk was able to destroying planets had been truly referenced in Thor: Ragnarok

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor will get caught on Sakaar, and he turns into a gladiator. There, he has to combat the Hulk, who’s additionally turn out to be a gladiator. Sakaar is identical planet the place the Hulk, within the comics, turns into Worldbreaker Hulk, and he, like his identify implied, began destroying total planets. 

The motion pictures by no means bought to that time, and as a substitute, the Hulk was simply portrayed as a really sturdy and difficult man. While he’s very highly effective, he’s not unbeatable both, as each Thor and Thanos had been in a position to beat him up.

With that being stated, the flicks did painting the Hulk as being considerably extra highly effective than most Avengers. Unlike Tony Stark, the Hulk was in a position to survive utilizing the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Why did the MCU make the Hulk weak within the motion pictures?

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The comics get very loopy, as many characters find yourself in very bizarre or unusual conditions. This additionally signifies that some characters can find yourself being extraordinarily highly effective, and for the flicks, that’s not at all times a great factor.

That’s in all probability the principle cause why Marvel has determined to tone the Hulk’s energy down, as in any other case, he’d be too highly effective in comparison with everybody else. 

This was already a problem that Marvel referenced in Avengers: Age of Ultron. During one of many closing scenes, Hawkeye, who’s a superhero who simply shoots arrows, instructed the Scarlet Witch that “None of this makes sense.”

This logic applies to the Hulk, who can be very misplaced if he was as highly effective as he’s within the comics. 

But Marvel followers had been additionally fast to defend the MCU’s portrayal of the Hulk within the motion pictures. Like some Marvel followers stated on Reddit, Thor is the god of thunder, and he positively can beat the Hulk in fight.

In reality, one fan even pulled up a quote by Stan Lee saying that. Regardless, the Hulk, as he’s within the motion pictures, is a shadow of what he’s within the comics. 

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