I’ve eaten semolina pudding many occasions, eat this candy dish made of semolina !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
I have eaten semolina pudding many times, eat this sweet dish made of semolina !!

Today we’re going to inform you about such a recipe that you could eat with none care, today we inform you the recipe of laddus made of semolina.

Ingredients to make: For this, we’d like 1 story semolina, one bowl of coconut powder, one and a half bowl of PCI sugar, 1 tbsp ghee, and half a cup of milk.

The methodology of creating that is as follows: First of all, supply a stiff pan on the fuel, then when the pan is sizzling, add a spoon of ghee and fry the semolina until it turns brown, ensuring that the colour of the semolina isn’t pink.

Now hold the semolina apart to chill, when the semolina turns into chilly, add coconut powder, PC sugar and blend it and put together the combination.

After this, make ladoos with this combination by making use of some ghee in your hand, then wrap these laddus within the leftover dry coconut mud and scrumptious semolina ladoos are prepared.

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