If you wish to eat Gulab Jamun in lockdown then make it at residence on this manner

by Jeremy Spirogis
If you want to eat Gulab Jamun in lockdown then make it at home in this way

Gulab Jamun objects: one kilo mawa, 250 grams maida, 50 grams grated cheese, 100 grams chironji, a pinch of soda to eat, one kilo sugar, one kilo ghee for frying.

Method of preparation of Gulab Jamun: To put together Gulab Jamun, first put together sugar syrup, pour about one and a half liters of water in a kilo of sugar and let it boil in order that the syrup is cooked in order that the wire falls in it, then combine the mawa, paneer, maida and soda correctly Knead in order that the knot doesn’t stay. <! –


Now make small balls of medium dimension, put chironji within the heart of every sphere, warmth ghee in a pan, then decelerate the gasoline.

Then after including a sphere in ghee, when the spheres begin to float up, add them one after the other and put the shells on a sluggish flame after frying the gulab jamuns properly after frying, they turn out to be edible after an hour.

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