If you want to make jaggery and flour pudding in the winter season, then know this recipe

by Patricia Lin
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If you eat jaggery and flour pudding in the winter season, you are saved from cold and cough. On the other hand, if you have fever or cough, you can still eat this pudding. This halwa can be prepared at home in a very short period of time and ingredients. So let's know how you can make this halwa at home.

necessary ingredients

¼ cup ghee
1 cup flour
½ cup jaggery
Cardamom powder
10-15 rase saffron
Cashew Pistachios finely chopped

Method of preparation: First of all take a pan and heat the ghee in it. Now put the flour in the pan and fry the flour in the ghee. <! –

                 Fry it till the dough turns golden brown. This will not stick the dough in the pan. Soak the jaggery for a while in 2 cups of water. When the jaggery melts in water, add that water to the flour. After this add cardamom powder, saffron and mix it well. Cook it till the mixture thickens. Now stir the halwa with dry fruits. Garnish and serve for hot. You can also keep this halwa in refrigerator for 3 to 4 days and preheat it.

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