If your copper utensils are additionally black, then these home strategies will shine!

by Jeremy Spirogis
If your copper utensils are also black, then these domestic methods will shine!

That is why copper utensils are utilized in Indian kitchens, however copper utensils begin to darken over time. Let's know learn how to clear copper utensils.

Pour vinegar and salt answer on a copper vessel and rub till grease or sticky water comes out of it.

Clean the vessel with lemon slice, rub the lemon slice on the stain on the copper vessel after which wash it with clear water.

First of all, combine vinegar and salt in a cup or bowl, when it mixes effectively then combine flour in it and put together the paste, then rub the pot with this paste and after 15 minutes wash it with sizzling water.

Rubbing the copper vessel with lemon and salt may clear the copper vessel.

Use baking soda and salt and even use baking soda alone, it makes the copper utensils shine.

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