Importance and Functions of Vitamins

by Jeremy Spirogis
Importance and Functions of Vitamins

By: Kashif Chishti

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that serve hundreds of functions in the body. A balanced diet provides you with the essential nutrients that the body needs.

Our body has daily routine activities. Our body needs a raw material to carry out these activities. It requires about thirty types of vitamins, minerals and a dietary components.

But our body can not meet all these needs. Our body requires vitamins which are very important. These vitamins work to heal bones and wounds and strengthen the immune system. They convert food into energy and repair cellular dementia.

We will read about some vitamins and diseases caused by lack of them. Following are some of the diseases caused by vitamin deficiency, vitamins sources and functions of vitamins.


It is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. In addition, fatigue, failure to heal properly, bleeding in the gums, etc. are symptoms of vitamin C deficiency. This vitamin is found in citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and cow liver.


This disease is caused by vitamin A deficiency, in addition to blindness it causes lack of growth and dry skin. Its functions are visible in Amity, sales growth and low light. Its sources are spinach, carrots, apricots, fish, liver, eggs, milk and butter.


This disease is caused by vitamin D deficiency in children. In the elderly this is called osteomalacia. Its functions are to control the amount of calcium and phosphorus. Its sources are milk, ghee, butter, fish liver oil. The sun also produces this vitamin.

Bones’ Strengthness

The combination of phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D and calcium strengthens the bones and prevents them from breaking them down.

Prevention of birth defects

The use of folic acid is beneficial in preventing cerebral and spinal defects in children.

Healthy teeth

Mineral fluoride plays an important role in the development of bones and teeth.

Make collagen

Vitamin C function is collagen production, which is the basis of bones and teeth and supports the walls of the blood vessels.

Eye protection

Vitamin A keeps cells healthy and protects your eyes. Remember that without Vitamin E, your body can hardly absorb and store Vitamin A.

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