In the name of giving chandeliers and amulets, fake Baba did this work with the woman and her daughters

by Patricia Lin
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Recently, a crime issue has come up from Govindpura area of ​​the capital. In this issue, fake Baba has carried out the indecency by taking off the clothes of a woman and her daughters in the name of giving chandeliers and amulets. According to the received news, Dhongi Baba used to come to the house of a young man familiar with him only then he has committed this incident. <! –

                 When the police got an idea of ​​this issue, they have started the further action by registering a case of molestation against Baba and his companions.

In this issue, the police said, "The garbage car of the victim municipal corporation living in Kargil township runs. While giving the application to the police, the victim said that Baba named Shivram Sarkate alias Dada Bhai, who lived in his locality, was visiting. During this time, he used to work for the people. On 10 March 2016, the victim had gone to Baba to get his wife and two minor daughters to molest him. Where he took off the clothes of his wife and both daughters. Since then he was constantly harassing them. ''

A complaint has been lodged against the accused in this issue but they have not been arrested. In this issue, the police station further said that, "One of the victims side is locked up in Bhopal jail for molestation and in this issue a minor daughter of one of the relatives of accused Rajesh Pandit was accused of molestation. Well, both the parties have accused each other of molestation earlier also. "In this issue, the police has made it clear that we will investigate now and only after examining the whole issue will be revealed."

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