In the temple of the home, greater than two photographs of a god are to be saved inauspicious, the structure of the home begins deteriorating !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
In the temple of the house, more than two images of a god are to be kept inauspicious, the architecture of the house starts deteriorating !!

There is a temple for worshiping in everybody's home, which additionally brings constructive vitality to the home, however typically the home's structure will get spoiled by some mistake.

* People in the home take many measures to right Vastu so that there’s peace in the home and there’s no destructive vitality in the home, however in these measures, the temple of your own home comes first as a result of the temple itself begins deteriorating. is.

* Tell you that the place of the temple in the home needs to be neat and clear and needs to be on the proper place and proper Vastu.

* If there’s a temple in the home and retaining the puja classes, then constructive vitality at all times stays in the home and do not forget that in the home temple don’t put a couple of idol of the identical god, however give equal place to all of the deities. Are not.

* Even if the temple isn’t in the precise place in the home, then many issues come up, for this, the temple needs to be within the east or north route and there shouldn’t be bogs above or across the place of worship and cleanliness ought to at all times be accomplished.

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