In these villages, the tribals maintain birds as their kids

by Jeremy Spirogis
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The folks of Barmura hill villages of Tripura maintain honbill birds like their kids. The Barmura hill vary is situated about 60 km east of Agartala, the capital of Tripura. Apart from this village, the opposite villages of Barmura Hill Range Khoibari, Hodrai and Narayanbari additionally shield the Honbill birds. The presence of the honbill fowl within the villages is taken into account an emblem of peace and concord.

There are round 300 birds of Honbill species in Tripura and 60 bushes the place these birds nest. The hornbill fowl makes a invoice within the hole trunk of the tree at a peak of 80–90 toes, and as soon as laying an egg the feminine hornbill stays on this invoice for 3 months. <! –

                 The similar male hornbill stays exterior the invoice by making a billowy slurry from the mud and feeds its paired feminine for 3 months. Male hornbills don’t depart their feminine spouses. In tribal society, folks give examples of the pair of honbill birds to keep away from sparring and to be loyal to one another.

Joy Manik Rupini, a resident of Barmura village, says that 'I’m 82 years previous … Honrabil grew up elevating birds like his kids … How can anybody consider killing their kids who belong to your loved ones. .. for us the honbill birds are like a member of the household. The Barmura hill vary is understood for its variety of vegetation and animals. But in recent times, as a result of massive tree lower, there was a giant hazard for these uncommon birds. After understanding this example, the folks of Barmura village began planting banana and papaya saplings in order that these birds may get sufficient area to make ghosla. People within the villages mourn the loss of life of the Honbill fowl. By preserving papaya and banana within the customs, the horabill waits for the birds to reach.

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