Instead of bringing bread from exterior in lockdown, flour bread made on this means at house

by Jeremy Spirogis
Instead of bringing bread from outside in lockdown, flour bread made in this way at home

But if we speak about bread, then it can’t be saved and saved from exterior, then there’s a danger of corona virus.

In such a state of affairs, today we inform you the recipe of constructing bread and flour bread at house.

Wheat Flour Making Ingredients

Method of constructing bread: First of all, warmth the fuel water frivolously, now put the East powder in lukewarm water and hold it individually for five minutes. <! –


Now add salt, olive oil and wheat flour, combine it properly and knead the dough, add some butter, put it in a giant pot and hold it in a heat place to maintain it apart for 1 hour to flourish, after the dough doubles. Soften it with just a little butter.

Now put it on the baking tray and set it apart for 30 minutes and hold it apart, now preheat the oven for 10 minutes, after that hold the bread at 180 ° C to again.

Remove from this oven after cooling and reduce into slices with the assistance of a knife. Your dough bread is prepared. Go with scorching tea or milk.

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