‘Iron Man 2’ Apparently Has an Illuminati-Themed Easter Egg

by Jeremy Spirogis
Robert Downey Jr.

The energy that Tony Stark had within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and in Marvel Comics) is well-noted, even when he earned his influential energy along with his tech smarts. Many would possibly equate him with real-life billionaire/playboy/tech figures we see today, like Elon Musk.

There was possibly greater than met the attention to Stark, although, primarily based on a current Easter egg scoped out of a scene from Iron Man 2. What followers discovered there’s a little intriguing and opens up one thing doubtlessly chilling.

It additionally could give a nod to one thing that might exist in actuality. If going by sure people who wield energy in America, it was possibly a warning story from a fantasy film franchise.

Was Tony Stark actually in touch with the Illuminati?

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC by way of Getty Images

A keen-eyed fan posted on Reddit just lately an image of Stark’s smartphone from Iron Man 2 that clearly exhibits an “Illuminati” app there. Viewers can solely see it for one second as Stark thumbs via his smartphone apps whereas in the midst of Congressional testimony.

Leave it as much as probably the most ardent MCU followers to seek out this. It opened up a brand new dialogue about what that app actually means and whether or not it addresses the Illuminati as identified to (probably) exist in actual life. Or, was it taken from a comic book strip group of superheroes who had been off-branches from The Avengers?

One factor about most MCU Easter eggs is that they normally get created to convey refined nods to issues from comedian e book or popular culture previous. A number of might assume it refers to Illuminati, the renegade group put collectively by Tony Stark within the comics after the Kree-Skrull War.

Others would possibly assume it pertains to the Illuminati rumored to exist in our actual world the place the elite management every thing seen and heard.

What does it imply if Tony Stark is a part of a secret authorities?

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Because of how highly effective Stark was and the influential individuals he frolicked with, it is sensible he might belong to some form of secret cabal. More than a couple of individuals nonetheless uphold the assumption that an actual Illuminati exists in our world and lots of notable individuals we see within the media each day are recruits.

People like Beyoncé are stated to be members of the group, even when most of that’s taken with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Playing with the thought Tony Stark may very well be part of it, nonetheless, is price taking part in with as a aspect thought.

Then once more, as one Reddit fan famous: “Probably just an Easter Egg. I am not sure the world is big enough for two new world orders, and I am pretty sure Hydra has things covered.”

Yes, when inserting Hydra into the equation, one might nearly say they had been kind of the stand-in for the Illuminati within the eyes of Marvel creators. Maybe the Illuminati on Stark’s telephone is one thing far more benign than what it suggests.

Maybe Illuminati was simply the identify of a business

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Said one Reddit consumer facetiously: “Perhaps it’s a Salon in the MCU that Tony books appointments to lol.” The MCU clearly wished it as something followers wished it to be, if seemingly a nod to the above superhero group seen in Marvel Comics.

What makes that problematic if considered canon is Stark by no means did create the Illuminati superhero group within the motion pictures. This group consisted of Doctor Strange, Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Stark. Most fascinating shouldn’t be all of those characters have been launched but within the MCU, apart from Doctor Strange.

As secretive because the group was in serving to all superheroes, it was created for one thing good slightly than influencing what and the way the populace assume. Now, with Tony Stark lifeless, it could result in evaluation for years on whether or not he was a part of one thing bigger. If it was the cabal from the comedian books, it was saved quiet all through each MCU film.

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