‘It’s Always Sunny’ Star Kaitlin Olson Threatened to Quit Unless They Changed Dee Reynolds — ‘I Just Don’t Want to Play That Character’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Kaitlin Olson Dee Reynolds

The smartest thing about Dee Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is that she doesn’t play the “typical” feminine function. As the one essential character who additionally occurs to be a girl, followers may count on Sweet Dee to be extra delicate, harmless, and even cheap than her off-the-wall male counterparts. Instead, Deandra Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) is simply as wicked as the remaining.

It’s Always Sunny thrives on darkish humor that’s so surprising it’s humorous. Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Frank, and Dee are consistently scheming methods to make cash by mendacity, dishonest, and stealing. The gang is all the time as much as no good — and it’s hilarious.

But at first of the collection, Dee nearly grew to become a fairly totally different sort of individual. Olson made positive that wasn’t the case. If the community had caught with their unique plan, she wouldn’t have accepted the function.

‘It’s Always Sunny’ grew to become a notoriously shameless comedy

Plenty of sitcoms experimented with unlikable characters, like the unique groundbreaking comedy Seinfeld. However, It’s Always Sunny took selfishness and egotism to the acute with “The Gang” operating the fictional Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia.

Each episode, Dee and her brother together with their two mates experimented with more and more weird schemes, like changing into hooked on crack, making an attempt to go on welfare by pretending to be mentally handicapped, kidnapping, and even experimenting with cannibalism.

They confronted controversial points head on and by no means shied away from discussing taboo matters. Dee was some of the openly immoral characters within the collection.

Sweet Dee Reynolds was nearly a very totally different character

Kaitlin Olson Dee Reynolds
Kaitlin Olson as Dee Reynolds | FOX Image Collection through Getty Images

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Fans love how Dee is simply as humorous and loathsome as her male co-stars. However, the unique imaginative and prescient for her character wasn’t as wicked because the Dee we all know now.

“In the beginning, before Season 1, I almost didn’t take [the role], because I was reading the scripts, and Dee was the voice of reason, and they all were really funny. I said, ‘With all due respect, I just don’t want to play that character. I don’t want to be the voice of reason,’” Olson remembers, in accordance with Yahoo.

“It just wasn’t what I was interested in doing. They said to me, ‘Look, we just haven’t really written for women that much, but we’ll figure it out.’ My first thought was, ‘Well, don’t write for a woman. Just write another funny character.’ I’ll make it female just by not doing anything. I just am a woman. Don’t think about it as male or female.”

It all makes whole sense whenever you put it that approach. Thankfully, the writers had been on board with Olson’s imaginative and prescient.

She’s nonetheless simply one of many guys

Though Dee is understood to make use of her female charms to her benefit, she’s in a position to hang around with the blokes and take part in all their antics. She’s positively nobody’s voice of purpose, and that’s simply how she likes it.

Olson continued, “Of course, you have to have some female touches, and they’ve written in some hurt-feelings stuff that’s more feminine, I guess. Some of my favorite Dee moments are very ‘masculine’ things, though. They’re very traditionally masculine things. I don’t know. I find that funny.”

The viewers does too. It’s Always Sunny was renewed for a 15th season that may air in 2021.

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