Jaclyn Hill Critics Accuse Her of Faking an Alcohol Problem for Attention

by Jeremy Spirogis
Jaclyn Hill Instagram

Jaclyn Hill critics are again in full power. But, this time, it has nothing to do together with her model, Jaclyn Cosmetics. Instead, an Instagram post is on the root of the brand new criticism the 29-year-old is dealing with. On May 27, 2020, Hill took to her web page to share a brand new photograph together with her 6.three million followers. The seemingly innocuous photograph featured Hill in a full face of make-up sporting a big Budweiser sweatshirt.

Jaclyn Hill Instagram
Jaclyn Hill | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for American Influencer Awards

“Budweiser, but make it classy🍻 P.S if you zoom in you can see a hickey on my neck…so I should get extra points for being classy,” Hill captioned the Instagram photograph. Though the Instagram post shortly racked up almost 200,000 likes, loads of the feedback have been lower than optimistic. Many folks felt that Hill’s post was hypocritical as she has been open about the truth that she was co-dependant on alcohol following the launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics.

Jaclyn Hill posted a YouTube video about her alcohol utilization

“At the end of the day, to cope with my anxiety and my depression I turned to alcohol and started drinking to fix what I was feeling mentally,” Hill shared in a YouTube video again in February. Since Hill posted that video, she has additionally made one other video about snacks, additionally mentioning the place she retains her provide of alcohol in her house. Many of her critics (and even a few of her followers) felt that Hill casually posting about alcohol was in poor style and started to make their opinions identified on her Instagram post.

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“Love that you have a ‘bad alcohol problem’ yet wear sh*t like this and have booze in the background of your videos, 👀🙄” one particular person wrote within the feedback. “Didn’t she just make a video saying she had a problem with alcohol 🍺????” one other particular person questioned, inflicting Hill to inform them to get off her web page. “I love Jaclyn! But I said the same thing!!!! 🙄” one other particular person chimed in. “‘I have a serious alcohol problem’, ‘hey guiz look at my sick Budweiser shirt!’” yet one more particular person declared, mocking Hill. “And don’t forget all the alcohol in her pantry. what a joke!” another person co-signed.

Critics on Instagram and Twitter accuse Hill of faking her alcohol issues

While some critics merely intimated that the make-up guru’s alcohol issues have been exaggerated and/or fabricated, others took a extra direct method. They argued that Hill by no means had an issue and easily faked it for consideration. “Said it before and I’ll say it again. #jaclynhill faked an alcohol problem for sympathy and attention. She should be ASHAMED of herself. People die from alcohol abuse-she just needed to ‘cut down’. GTFO. Yeah-I said it. I’ll keep saying it,” one passionate critic wrote.

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Naturally, Hill had loads of followers come to her protection. They have been fast to level out the sporting a shirt with alcohol on it doesn’t equate to consuming it. Furthermore, they maintained that Hill has made it clear that she shouldn’t be an alcoholic, she simply had a dependency difficulty up to now. Others identified that Hill’s relationship with alcohol was no one’s business however hers, regardless of her making a YouTube video about it.

The Jaclyn Cosmetics founder has made it clear she’s not an alcoholic

“Her saying she turned to alcohol for a time to help cope with her anxiety and depression DOES NOT translate to her being an alcoholic or having a negative relationship with alcohol. Da*n y’all ask for her to open up and when she does you take the first opportunity to change her words and use them against her. If you hate her so much or just follow to be negative just delete yourself! Just like the picture and keep it moving damn, y’all are so aggravating!!!” one fan wrote.

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Hill shortly shared the above response on her Instagram story. “Thank you for hearing me, 🙌🏼🎉💕” she wrote. Clearly, folks have polarizing opinions in regards to the 29-year-old and her alcohol consumption. But, there are way more essential issues to fret about that don’t contain influencers or sweatshirts.

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