Jake Johnson From ‘New Girl’ Says Tom Cruise’s Stunt Advice Was ‘Don’t Fall’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Jake Johnson

Actor Jake Johnson from comedy collection New Girl admits he’s extra of a risk-averse actor than somebody like Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Jake Johnson
Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Jake Johnson | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

But when he appeared alongside Cruise in The Mummy he was challenged to embrace Cruise’s love of doing his personal stunts, despite the fact that Cruise’s recommendation on how one can keep away from loss of life in the course of the stunt was hardly a consolation.

Johnson was confronted with a daring stunt the place he might seemingly fall to his loss of life. Cruise’s recommendation on how one can safely get via the stunt? “Tom Cruise said was, ‘Well, don’t fall,’” Johnson recounts on the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast. “My a**hole tightened up to such a degree that it’s never gone back to fully normal. But, there was a couple of moments like that on that movie with him where I’m like, ‘Oh, you really are a different thing.’”

No wires? No downside

Johnson recalled a stunt the place he was tasked with constructing hopping in the course of the movie. He hoped he’d be linked to wires or have some kind of security system to permit him to comfortably carry out the stunt.

“I think I literally was so in my head, I think I was so out of body experience having a panic attack, but trying to be cool. Ten minutes before shooting, I’m like, ‘On the day, where will the wires be?’” Johnson recalled asking Cruise. “[Cruise] starts laughing, and he’s like, “Well, if there was going to be wires, they would obviously have had to already be established.”

That’s when Johnson realizes there isn’t a system to attach wires. “Where would they be hooked up to? It’s just the sky,” he stated.

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While he reconciled that he’d don’t have any help from wires, maybe there can be a web to catch his fall? “I was like, ‘No, no, that makes perfect sense,’” he continued. “That makes sense to me. Well, my concern is, if I were to fall off the building there does not seem to be a net, and I feel as if I would potentially die. What I was waiting to hear is, of course, there’s going to be a net.”

Just don’t fall

That’s when Cruise broke it to him that Johnson was going to must summon his daredevil spirit and go for the gusto.

“We looked at each other and he was laughing and he said, ‘Don’t fall,’” Johnson stated. “Then, we walked to our first marks, walked it once more. Then proper beforehand, he put his hand on my shoulder, he’s like, ‘You’ve bought
this Jake. This is why you’ve been making an attempt… You’re high-quality.’ I assumed like, ‘Holy f**k, I have to do this now.’ Then, you simply do it.”

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Cruise’s latest massive stunt was screening The Tenet in a London, England movie show throughout a pandemic. He shared a video on Twitter the place he’s sporting a masks in a packed viewers. “Big Movie. Big Screen. Loved it,” he tweeted together with the video.

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