Jeff Lewis From ‘Flipping Out’ Is Trying To Avoid Getting Sick To His Stomach Over His Daughter’s Custody Dispute

by Jeremy Spirogis
Gage Edward, Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out not too long ago shared that the custody dispute he’s been having with former companion Gage Edward has him feeling exasperated.

Gage Edward, Jeff Lewis
Gage Edward, Jeff Lewis |Dan Boczarski/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

He not too long ago stated that the authorized battle is taking a toll on him throughout his Radio Andy Sirius XM radio present.” I do need folks to know I feel that is ridiculous. I’m not so caught up on this to suppose this isn’t absurd,” he stated, Bravo’s The Daily Dish stories. “I’m aware of the time we’re wasting, I’m aware of the money that’s being wasted. I just try not to get sick to my stomach over it.”

Lewis stated he and Edward not too long ago waited for a choose, who by no means arrived. “My attorney was like, ‘Hey, if we’re gonna sit for three hours, four hours, whatever, we might as well try to start, let’s start a conversation,” he shared “So, we went back-and-forth and back-and-forth and back-and-forth.”

Jeff Lewis expresses concern about his daughter’s conduct

Edward and his legal professional requested for a continuance as a result of the 2 events couldn’t come to an settlement. But, They can’t see us till January 7, which implies that the present custody schedule stays in place,” Lewis stated. “It remains in place, which for now, I did not want that to be adjusted because Gage is asking for two-two-three, and I don’t think Monroe going three nights without seeing him or three nights without seeing me is a very good idea.”

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He added that he’s seen a change in his daughter after she spends time at Edward’s home. “When we went from a two nights a week with Gage to three nights, she immediately became — and she’s an independent child — very, very clingy to me,” he stated. “Needy, constantly asking me where I am, when am I coming back, can I put her down for nap, will I wake her up from nap, I’m not going anywhere, right, can I watch you from the monitor.”

Lewis stated his daughter has been crying loads too

Lewis stated his daughter has had extra tantrums and is crying extra. “This is not my kid,” he stated. “My kid doesn’t act like this. And she’s been crying a lot. There’s been a lot of tantrums. All of this, this could have something to do with school as well, but I noticed it was almost immediate once the third day was added.” 

 He now could also be in search of a therapist to work together with his youngster. “I’m now considering hiring a child psychologist to come in and maybe talk to her, observe her because I’m concerned,” Lewis stated.

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Edward filed a lawsuit in opposition to Lewis in February, asking to vary the kid’s final identify. The go well with recommended the change from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis.

“It is 10 pages of mistruths, exaggerations, mischaracterization,” Lewis stated in regards to the lawsuit on his radio present, Bravo’s The Daily Dish stories. He stated the lawsuit didn’t make him offended, however as an alternative, he was harm. “Because I feel like, ‘Wow, I took care of you for 10 years.’ I think we had a really good, strong relationship, loving relationship, partnership for seven years. And then to just write all those terrible, hurtful lies. I didn’t get angry; I actually feel compassion for him because he’s got to be desperate to rewrite history like that. He’s certainly angry.”

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