Jeff Lowe Confirms ‘Tiger King’ Season 2 Is In the Works But He Has a Better Idea

by Jeremy Spirogis
Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, grew to become such a phenomenon on Netflix, after all they need to do one other season. The drawback is, the star of the present is in jail and different key gamers are sad with the present. There was a particular, The Tiger King and I and lots of members have continued to offer interviews, however individuals like Carole Baskin and Jeff Lowe aren’t curious about a season 2.

Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe
Jeff and Lauren Lowe | Ruaridh Connellan/BarcroftImages / Barcroft Media by way of Getty Images

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Lowe spoke with on June 2 concerning the judgment awarding Baskin the zoo previously owned by Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic. He confirmed Tiger King Season 2 is within the works, however he’s going to do one thing else as an alternative of returning to their present. 

‘Tiger King’ producers have been asking Jeff Lowe to be in season 2

Lowe and his spouse Lauren confirmed their cellphone has been ringing. They’re not simply courtesy calls. 

“They have been trying to get us to go on,” Jeff mentioned. “They’ve been labeling it season 2.”

Lauren added that it’s not Netflix themselves, however quite producers of Tiger King which can be attempting to get a second season collectively. 

“I wouldn’t say it’s Netflix but the producers that do the show have been trying to get in contact with us,” Lauren mentioned.

Jeff Lowe would by no means return to ‘Tiger King’

If there’s a season 2 of Tiger King, they’re going to have to seek out some new topics. Jeff Lowe has dominated it out.  

Jeff Lowe in Tiger KingJeff Lowe in Tiger King
Jeff Lowe | Netflix

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“We don’t trust them,” he mentioned. “We told them we don’t want to participate in any further episodes with them. I could share my phone. They text me every single day begging me to trust them again, apologizing to us for doing us wrong and showing us in the light that they showed. They’re so sorry we got death threats and vandalism at the park. Sure, we’d like to finish this story but not on their terms.”

Lauren and Jeff Lowe will likely be producing extra tiger content material

Instead of collaborating in Netflix’s follow-up to Tiger King, the Lowes are engaged on their very own. Jeff talked about a mission with The Content Group that he’d quite concentrate on than the Netflix sequence.

“We’re going off and doing something on our own,” he mentioned. “When you sign to do something else, you also sign away a lot of your your ability to do things outside of that contract. So if they want us, they’re going to have to carve something out with Content Group to allow it. I just don’t see us trusting.”

The Lowes are opening a brand new zoo

They didn’t say precisely what their new mission can be. However, the Lowes are opening a brand new zoo in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Since Baskin will take over Maldonado-Passage’s zoo, the Lowes are going to relocate all of their tigers to Thackerville. Perhaps that may very well be the topic of their sequence. 

“We have anticipated this for almost two years,” he mentioned. “That’s why we went down to Thackerville and acquired the new land and started building the new zoo. It’s always been our intention to leave this place. We don’t particularly like it here because of its geographical location. It’s not a great place for a business. It was poorly constructed so we’re happy to let her have it.”

Jeff Lowe and Lauren LoweJeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe
Jeff and Lauren Lowe | Ruaridh Connellan/BarcroftImages / Barcroft Media by way of Getty Images

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The Lowes have been sustaining Maldonado-Passage’s zoo for the sake of the tigers, however they sit up for bringing them to a greater setting. 

The subsequent place is so significantly better for the animals. Joe constructed this as a pace breeding facility. It wasn’t constructed for the lengthy care lifetime of a tiger. The cages are too small. The cages are sort of barren. The new place, every part is big. We have timber in enclosures. It’s simply going to be a lot extra peaceable for the animals. That’s extra so why we’re anxious to get out of right here. We can’t wait to see the animals take their first steps into these enclosures. Some of those guys have been locked in 20 x 20 cages for 10 and 15 years. He simply didn’t care.

Jeff Lowe, interview, 6/2/2020

Perhaps the brand new zoo will give the Lowes closure with ‘Tiger King’.

“Our philosophy is we don’t care about the TV show,” he mentioned. “We don’t care about Carole Baskin. We care that these animals finally get the life they deserve. That’s why we’re anxious to get down to Thackerville.”

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