Jeffrey Dean Morgan Found His Watchmen Mask, And It Looks Like He Wants Another Comic Book Role

by Jeremy Spirogis
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Found His Watchmen Mask, And It Looks Like He Wants Another Comic Book Role

As any worthwhile costumed vigilante will say to you, when you apply the mask of justice, it’s difficult to ever before remove it once and for all. So it should not be all that astonishing that star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, better known as The Comedian/Eddie Blake from Zack Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation, has not yet just discovered their mask once more, but he desires to reunite on the superhero express.

It’s a lovely minute you can observe yourself, courtesy of Morgan’s personal media post announcing such an intention below:

While Jeffrey Dean Morgan is obviously maybe not harming for work, along with his part on AMC’s The Walking Dead however going powerful, and movies like Rampage giving the person some blockbuster views to chew upon, their continued aspirations to come back into the realm of costumed crime combat are nevertheless greatly during the forefront of this man’s profession programs.

Though that is not really one thing comic followers should hold their breath more than. Between manager Matt Reeves’ The Batman task, additionally the very nearly wholesale discarding of this past motives to connect collectively the DC Extended Universe collectively through past movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the key flashback that puts Jeffrey Dean Morgan in to the DCEU could today be viewed not canon.

However, because of the popularity of Joker placing Warner Bros in an original place to craft more aged and bold one-off movies not in the conventional comic companies they’re doing with DC Comics, there’s nothing that claims Morgan couldn’t keep coming back as Thomas Wayne in an R-rated Batman film you’d never ever see his son Bruce become a part of.

This is perhaps all conjecture needless to say, as the Twitter post that sparked this discussion does not have a certain home mounted on it; save yourself for the truth that Jeffrey Dean Morgan discovered their mask from their times of Watchmen past. Though if we’re however dedicated to one-off movies that might be interesting to look at, maybe Warner Bros and Paramount could play baseball and present us a Comedian prequel that lets Morgan kick some butt again.

No matter exactly how it takes place, permitting this man who’s brought comic history to life into the past just take another crack in the realm of four paneled fun is a fairly promising possibility. And without any instant choices up for grabs, it’s the optimum time to test and make Jeffrey Dean Morgan an offer that he’d have become joking to decline.

At the minute, if you’re a Jeffrey Dean Morgan lover, your following possiblity to see him doing his thing should be as he comes back as Negan on AMC’s The Walking Dead, at some time in this brand new year.

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