Jennifer Aniston Shared the ‘Perfect’ Salad Recipe That She and ‘Friends’ Cast Ate Every Day for 10 Years

by Jeremy Spirogis
Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow

Eating the exact same task everyday for 10 years seems bad to anybody who likes variety inside their diet. But the women from the cast of Friends performed this specific thing joyfully with one extremely unique meal, that they nicknamed the “Jennifer Salad.”

Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and
Lisa Kudrow were
incredibly close
through the show’s heyday and after. During an NBC behind-the-scenes
unique in 2016, the 3 females also admitted they consumed exactly the same salad
everyday on ready.

This is not any ordinary salad, nevertheless. It contains Aniston’s
special touch
that every three for the females simply couldn’t get enough of.

Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow
Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow | Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for SAG-AFTRA Foundation

The ‘Friends’ cast formed lasting bonds

When Jennifer Aniston accompanied Instagram in 2019, the very first thing she published had been a photograph of by herself along with her former Friends co-stars. No one that understands Aniston in real world had been astonished by that — also 15 many years after shooting covered, these six buddies stayed near. Self magazine stated that it absolutely was simply because they just “really liked hanging out together.”

Aniston, Cox, and Kudrow all praised the manager and
everyone else active in the creation of Friends through the NBC unique.
But apart from that, they even shared a very
interesting tidbit
about their particular diet plan on ready.

Aniston, Cox, and Kudrow consumed the exact same salad each and every day

Kudrow, Aniston, and CoxKudrow, Aniston, and Cox
Lisa Kudrow (as Phoebe), Jennifer Aniston (as Rachel) and Courteney Cox (as Monica) | NBC/Newsmakers

“And we ate the same food: a Jennifer salad,” Cox explained. That had been their particular day-to-day meal ritual for 10 years.

In 2010, Cox revealed
their particular treasured recipe when it comes to perfect salad. “Jennifer [Aniston] and Lisa
[Kudrow] and I also consumed meal collectively each day for 10 years,” she said
during an interview
with the LA Times

“We always had the same thing — a Cobb salad. But it wasn’t really a Cobb salad. It was a Cobb salad that Jennifer doctored up with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans and I don’t know what. She has a way with food, which really helps.”

Common Cobb salad components consist of lettuce, avocado, egg, bacon, blue mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, chives, and black colored pepper.

Aniston still loves
chowing straight down on salads

She might not be eating Cobb salads together with her castmates any longer, nevertheless the Morning Show celebrity changed her beloved salad meal a little little bit. She provided a slightly changed form of the “Jennifer Salad” in the Living Proof Instagram account in 2015.

“My perfect salad – Bulgar, cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, & pistachios,” she typed within the associated caption. Clearly, Aniston is a big lover of those garbanzo beans, which showcased both in her favorite salad dishes.

She makes healthy eating
a concern

Aniston is 50 but nonetheless
looks 30 as a result of her wise way of exercise and diet. The A-list actress
likes fresh, entire meals, natural produce, and healthier shakes. She avoids
processed food items and everything artificial.

However, Aniston is
adamant that she does not have “rules” for meals and acknowledges to indulging in spaghetti sometimes.
She’s additionally a big lover of Mexican food and proceeded record saying she’s “powerless”
to withstand do-it-yourself tortilla potato chips and guacamole.

The key to her healthier lifestyle? Ten years of salads, needless to say!

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