Jerry Seinfeld Said Jay Leno Was ‘Scared For Me’ For Dating a Teenager When He was 38

by Jeremy Spirogis
Shoshanna Lonstein and Jerry Seinfeld at the Opening Night of

Jerry Seinfeld skyrocketed to fame with the long-lasting NBC comedy – aptly named Seinfeld – airing from 1989 to 1998. Married to Jessica Sklar since 1999, the comic continues to get pleasure from home life along with his spouse and their three youngsters.

When Seinfeld was within the midst of his sitcom fame within the 90s, he started making headlines for a relationship with somebody 21 years his junior.

Shoshanna Lonstein and Jerry Seinfeld at the Opening Night of 'Jackie Mason-Politically Incorrect'
Shoshanna Lonstein and Jerry Seinfeld | Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection by way of Getty Images

Jerry Seinfeld met Shoshanna Lonstein when she was nonetheless in highschool

According to People, Seinfeld was having fun with a day in New York City’s Central Park in May 1993 when he noticed 17-year-old Shoshanna Lonstein, a senior at a non-public Manhattan highschool.

“I met this girl, Shoshanna,” he defined to Playboy in a 1993 interview. “She’s a very sweet girl and she’s very pretty. I didn’t know how old she was – I knew she wasn’t 40. I took her to a basketball game and that was the whole thing.”

When talking to Howard Stern about Lonstein, Seinfeld waffled on his new girlfriend’s age.

“She’s not 17, definitely not,” he insisted at first, then clarified the confusion in one other interview with the shock jock a month later. “I didn’t realize she was so young. This is the only girl I ever went out with who was that young.”

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Seinfeld defended their relationship, sustaining that their coupling was based mostly on substance relatively than age.

“I am not an idiot,” the sitcom star mentioned, in accordance with People. “Shoshanna is a person, not an age. She is extremely bright. She’s funny, sharp, very alert. We just get along. You can hear the click.” 

‘Seinfeld’ star will get blended reactions to his May-December romance

While the couple turned a high tabloid subject, Seinfeld appeared to seek out his male buddies to be fairly supportive of the connection. Not a lot along with his feminine pals.

“It’s really strange,” he instructed Playboy. “The reactions ran the absolute gamut from horrified to just busting buttons with pride that they know me. Guys I hadn’t heard from in years called to say, ‘Congratulations! Good for you.’ Women I know wouldn’t even call me back. My assistant punched me. She saw me and literally punched me, she was so mad.”

The comic felt the flack from ladies was unfounded since he hadn’t supposed on relationship somebody in her teenagers. Seinfeld reiterated that he was centered on the particular person relatively than a quantity.

“My women friends, some of them were really hostile about it. They didn’t like it,” he mentioned. “First of all, they think I look for this. Like this was an ambition of mine. But the fact is, I don’t meet that many women I like, period. So when I like someone, I don’t care about her race, creed or national origin. If I like her, I don’t care. I don’t discriminate. If she’s 18, if she’s intelligent, that’s fine.”

Jay Leno likes to keep away from controversy

Seinfeld positively received his share of ribbing from fellow comedians. When talking with Stern, Seinfeld was requested about how he approaches potential dates.

“You sit in Central Park and have a candy bar on a string and pull it when the girls come?” Stern questioned facetiously.

A couple of years into the May-December romance, Conan O’Brien took a comic book jab in regards to the relationship.

“Jerry Seinfeld proposed to Shoshanna Lonstein on the night of her 21st birthday,” O’Brien started. “Apparently he wanted to wait to make sure she wasn’t just using him to buy beer.”

Jay Leno (L) and Jerry Seinfeld attend the National Night Of Laughter And Song evenJay Leno (L) and Jerry Seinfeld attend the National Night Of Laughter And Song even
Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for David Lynch Foundation

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Yet one famend comedian and late evening icon by no means used Seinfeld’s controversial relationship as monologue materials. Seinfeld revealed an in depth friend of his had a destructive response to the union, very similar to the ladies in his life.

“It was reviled by women in their 30s and by Jay Leno,” the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee star mentioned of his relationship Lonstein. “Leno was just terrified. To him any potential public-relations imbroglio, any appearance of impropriety, is the most terrifying thing in the world. He was scared for me, just out of concern as a friend.”

Leno didn’t have to fret about his pal for too lengthy. Seinfeld and Lonstein broke up in 1997.

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