Joe Rogan Has a Problematic History Giving His Unsolicited Opinions on Trans People

by Jeremy Spirogis
Joe Rogan shrugging, holding a microphone

Joe Rogan is the host of the favored podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, in addition to a seasoned actor, comic, and MMA fanatic. On his present, Rogan repeatedly welcomes all kinds of visitors, from conspiracy theorists and politicians to fellow actors and performers. Although he’s recognized for his open-minded conversations with others, Rogan has been concerned in a number of controversies over time — most notably, the host has made headlines resulting from his remarks about these within the transgender neighborhood. 

Joe Rogan shrugging, holding a microphone
Joe Rogan | Michael Schwartz/Getty Images

Joe Rogan has brought on controversy over time

Joe Rogan first rose to fame because the host of the TV present Fear Factor. He hosted the unique incarnation of the present, in addition to a sequence revival in 2011. He additionally earned early acclaim as a commentator for MMA and has appeared in a number of motion pictures and TV reveals. Still, his greatest success got here in 2009, when he launched the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. In the years for the reason that podcast first debuted, it has turn out to be one of many world’s hottest podcasts, streamed by tens of millions each week.

Rogan has talked to folks on all sides of the political aisle and has addressed numerous controversial matters on his podcast. From time to time, he has landed in scorching water resulting from sure remarks that he has made — significantly these referring to transgender folks. Rogan has brazenly talked on his podcast about how he doesn’t essentially help transgender athletes: “It’s crazy but if you question it, you’re a bigot. There’s a reason why we’ve had male and female sports, that men and women don’t compete against each other. It’s because we’ve agreed OK, there are obviously huge differences … very athletic men, nonathletic men and a huge spectrum of women, very athletic women, and nonathletic women,” Rogan mentioned, as reported by The Things.

Joe Rogan’s controversial feedback to Miley Cyrus

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The backlash that Joe Rogan acquired for his dialogue about transgender athletes didn’t cease him from diving proper into the topic of drag queens. In September 2020, Miley Cyrus visited Rogan’s podcast, and the dialogue turned to pull competitions. According to MSN, Rogan slammed a clip that featured well-liked performer Kennedy Davenport, stating that “they all do the same move. They drop down and do the splits.”

Cyrus didn’t waste any time berating Rogan for his opinion, stating “that’s what I think when I’m watching your show too—all the same stuff.”

What did Joe Rogan say about Caitlyn Jenner in 2016?

Just a few years in the past, Joe Rogan actually ended up in hassle when he spoke out about Caitlyn Jenner, who had simply publicly come out and commenced to transition. According to Insider, in an episode of his podcast, Rogan questioned whether or not Jenner was really born a lady, saying “I was like, ‘Maybe. Or maybe if you live with crazy b****es long enough, they f***ing turn you into one. Maybe you go crazy.” Rogan’s reference to the Kardashian household as the rationale behind Jenner’s gender transformation didn’t go unnoticed by mainstream media, however the podcast host spoke out as soon as once more, this time to Rolling Stone.

“I’ll call her a woman if she wants to be a woman,” Rogan said. “I’ll call you whatever you want. I don’t care. But you can’t tell me she’s beautiful and that because I disagree I’m a piece of shit … I mean, I don’t understand the mindset of an ultramarathon runner, or an asexual person, or a person who wants to have sex with animals — by the way, I’m not connecting zoophilia to transgender people. What I’m saying is, I don’t give a f***.” Rogan’s feedback sparked backlash, with Caitlyn Jenner herself responding, calling Rogan “transphobic” and claiming that Rogan has “gotten his fame by putting other people down and making jokes about it,” as reported by Fox News. Ultimately, Rogan has proven that he holds his opinions firmly and has no downside sharing these ideas.

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