Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had a Brutal Movie Audition — ‘I Don’t Really Buy It,’ Said the Director

by Jeremy Spirogis
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

From his memorable character in Inception to his flip as a heroic pilot in 7500 to his position as a cop in Project Power, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has landed a slew of high-profile gigs. But the A-lister lately opened up about one half he misplaced as a result of when it got here to his appearing, the director simply didn’t purchase it. Here’s how the brutal audition went down.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Joseph Gordon-Levitt discovered himself within the sizzling seat on ‘Hot Ones’

Hot Ones is the First We Feast-produced YouTube speak present that welcomes celebrities from totally different spheres of leisure. While on the present, they reply burning questions whereas chowing down on wings and an assortment of sizzling sauces.

Gordon-Levitt lately popped up as a visitor on the present for a revealing interview with host and producer, Sean Evans. While there, he shared a narrative about one audition that went horribly awry.

The actor recalled a brutal audition expertise with a proficient director

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Evans, who has a knack for posing probing questions, requested Gordon-Levitt to explain what he referred to as, “auditioning rock bottom.” Without hesitation, the actor launched right into a story of an ill-fated audition with a director he admired.

“I don’t want to disclose who was hurtful,” Gordon-Levitt started between bites. “I’ve auditioned for like one director in particular — I’m not going to say who it is though — sorry. But, like, I admired him a lot. It was only for his like third movie he was making, and his first two movies, I loved so much.”

During his audition, Gordon-Levitt’s expertise went downhill shortly because the director abruptly interrupted and criticized him. Gordon-Levitt mentioned, “I went in, and you know was doing the scene, and he stopped me in the middle, which is like, it’s best if you can let the actor finish a scene before you give them feedback. [He] stops me in the middle [and says], ‘Yeah, I just don’t really buy it.’”

Gordon-Levitt referred to as the filmmaker’s nonspecific critique, “Just completely generic, useless, dismissive, [and] kinda hateful.” He continued, explaining, “That’s basically saying like, ‘I hate you, and I think you’re terrible at this.’ And that was it.”

The post-audition dialog was equally awkward

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Despite the unfavourable audition expertise, Gordon-Levitt nonetheless selected to inform the director how a lot he appreciated his work. He remembers the dialog enjoying out in a fairly awkward method.

“Before I went, I had told myself that I was going to tell him how much his movies meant to me,” Gordon-Levitt recollected on Hot Ones. “I had made that agreement with myself before entering the room before everything had started going so badly. And so, before I left, as I was just walking out, I was like, ‘I just wanted to tell you how much I love your movies and how much they meant to me.’ And he goes, ‘I buy that even less.’”

Gordon-Levitt paused earlier than ending the spiel with a message to the unnamed filmmaker, saying, “F*ck you, guy. I’m not going to say your name.” Then the actor chuckled and mused, “He probably doesn’t even remember that.”

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