Joss Whedon Doesn’t Get Enough Credit for the MCU’s Success, According to Fans

by Jeremy Spirogis
Joss Whedon in a navy jacket

Everyone associates Kevin Feige so strongly with the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days that any considered Joss Whedon as soon as being concerned is dissolved from reminiscence. Some followers of Whedon are beginning to converse up for him and take everybody again to when he was concerned within the franchise.

For those that don’t keep in mind, Whedon wrote and directed the primary two Avengers motion pictures. Fans are beginning to reanalyze his top-tier storytelling skills in each of these movies, even when in the end being outmoded by the Russo Brothers.

Taking trip to recollect what made these first motion pictures so profitable is price doing. It may make some suppose again to how Whedon might have made latest MCU movies exponentially higher than they already had been.

Joss Whedon in a navy jacket
Joss Whedon | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Was Joss Whedon higher at character growth and dialogue?

A Reddit poster talked about not too long ago that Whedon all the time had a knack for higher character growth with the Avengers. While an controversial case, the perfect instance was slowing all the way down to discover Steve Rogers/Captain America’s frame of mind after being resurrected out of the ice within the modern-day.

Many will keep in mind he lastly let go of the reminiscence of Peggy Carter and realized he had no method to return to her. Of course, little did he know he would years later. Developing the psychological reinforcement of Steve Rogers was necessary, although, together with him saving his previous friend Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier).

The identical goes for Tony Stark and the way he discovered to work with the Avengers for the aim of a larger good. Prior to the primary Avengers film, he was a little bit of a loner who thought he might do every thing himself.

Little character developments like this helped rather a lot, not together with giving them good dialogue. Part of that got here within the comedic banter Whedon was identified for doing so nicely. Since then, understanding that as a significant writing ability is simple to neglect.

How nicely did Joss Whedon do comedic dialogue?

Go again and watch the primary two Avengers motion pictures in 2012 and 2013, and the hilarious dialogue interaction between characters was all the time higher honed. The above Reddit thread starter famous how a lot Whedon made comedic banter extra practical than broad: “Humor in his movies feels very natural (not talking about JL); it felt like their characters would actually have that conversation; no joke was shoehorned…”

While comedy is all the time a matter of opinion, there’s a whole lot of fact to Whedon making it extra acceptable in sure conditions. The later movies from the Russos typically positioned comedic one-liners at occasions when not likely apropos, as in after particular characters died.

A great way to see how sharp Whedon is at this sort of dialogue is to return and watch his different motion pictures and TV reveals. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV to big-screen The Cabin within the Woods, listening to his dialogue reveals rather a lot about how sharp of an observer he’s.

Even although his tackle Ultron wasn’t the most well-liked for the second Avengers film, no person can fault his sense of comedic timing and character growth. More so, he introduced just a little extra persistence to the Avengers to let all of them have a second within the highlight.

One factor Joss Whedon is thought for is making everybody within the forged matter

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Whedon has all the time made positive each character in his motion pictures and TV reveals have their time to contribute to the story. He by no means has employed somebody and made them keep silent or solely have a couple of seconds of display time.

His penchant for this allowed him to take the Avengers and provides them memorable scenes. As the MCU movies moved on with out him, the characters began to extend, therefore giving particular person superheroes much less time to have singular moments that stand out. Character growth has additionally grow to be extra blurred as a result of juggling a lot.

Should the MCU ever rent Whedon again to deliver a greater sense of storytelling to future phases? Whedon has stated he wanted to maneuver on after experiencing a whole lot of company interference capturing Age of Ultron.

Kevin Feige and Whedon won’t be far aside in telling tales with aplomb anyway. However, it will nonetheless be attention-grabbing to see how they match up on dialogue and character evolution in a make-believe author superhero showdown.

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