Kaifi Azmi Jayanti: Fateh Manjar in Manzil – Kar Chale Hum Fida Jaan O Tan Saathi

by Jeremy Spirogis
Kaifi Azmi Jayanti: Fateh Manjar in Manzil – Kar Chale Hum Fida Jaan O Tan Saathi

Today may be the 101st beginning anniversary for the nation's popular poet, lyricist and activist Kaifi Azmi. On this special event, not just your family of Kaifi Azmi but in addition Google has actually recalled him. The beginning anniversary of famous Urdu poet and lyricist Kaifi Azmi had been celebrated on Tuesday at Fateh Manzil in Mejwan, their local town Azamgarh area.

In the Jubilee parties arranged by the Mijwan Society, men and women remembered Kaifi Azmi wholeheartedly, also made the evening of this Jayanti unique along with his tracks and compositions. <! –

                 Everyone's eyes were filled up with hearing to Kaifi Azmi's tune 'Kar Chale Hum Fida Jaan O Tan Saathi …'.

At the same time frame, Google made a doodle in memory of Kaifi Azmi. The program begun with SDM Vagish Shukla, Hina Desai, previous MLA Shyam Bahadur Singh Yadav, Dr. Udaybhan, Rajesh Yadav, Gopal, Vibha Goyal, Comrade Harigen, PR Gautam, Jitendra Hari Pandey, Jayaram, Ghanshyam etc. garlanding the statue of Kaifi Azmi Done it

SDM Vagish Shukla stated there are numerous ways to result in modification. Kaifi Azmi through their innovative writings increased the vocals of this bad, helpless, exploited and laborers.

Former MLA Shyam Bahadur Singh Yadav stated that Kaifi Azmi worked to meet up the objectives of their town. He was really partial to their earth. Hina Desai stated that Kaifi Azmi through his tracks, performs linked the folks standing within the last few range utilizing the popular of culture.

Society supervisor Ashutosh Tripathi distributed covers to 500 needy and kite to 250 kiddies from the delivery anniversary of Kaifi Azmi.

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