Kangana hits again at netizen who accused her of getting double requirements in terms of the subject of caste

by Jeremy Spirogis

Kangana engages in an argument about caste on Twitter&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

Kangana Ranaut has been making information ever since she made her strategy to the microblogging web site Twitter. The actress just lately kicked the hornet’s nest when she talked concerning the subject of caste in India and claimed that ‘Cast system has been rejected by trendy Indians.’ The diva additionally attacked the reservation system in India.

Her tweet reads, “Cast system has been rejected by modern Indians, in small towns every one knows it’s not acceptable anymore by law and order its nothing more than a sadistic pleasure for few, only our constitution is holding on to it in terms of reservations, Let Go Of It, Lets Talk About It “

Here tweet turned the speaking level on social media and many individuals had totally different opinions on it. Before we go into that take a look at Kangana’s tweet:

A social media person replied to the tweet and wrote, “एक टीवी शो में खुद को गर्व से राजपूत बताने वाली कंगना राणावत कह रही है कि अब भारत में जाति मायने एक टीवी शो में खुद को गर्व से राजपूत बताने वाली कंगना राणावत कह रही है कि अब भारत में जाति मायने नही रखती। कंगना जी पहले खुद राजपूत होने का दंभ तो छोड़ दो। @KanganaTeam.”

(Translation: Kangana Ranaut, who proudly describes herself as a Rajput in a TV present, is saying that caste now not issues in India. Kangana ji first hand over the delight of being a Rajput.)

Kangana hit again by tweeting, “क्यूँ छोड़ दूँ जी?हमारे घरों में PHD भी गर्व से खेती करते हैं, हम ज़मींदारों की ज़मीनें ना जाने कितने पीढ़ियों में बाँटती हैं फिर भी हम हाथ नहीं फैलते,मेरी बहन के पास 4 डिग्रियाँ हैं , यूनिवर्सिटी टॉपर है,भाई के पास 3 डिग्रियाँ हैं फिर भी जॉब नहीं, हम अपने दम पे आगे आते हैं”

(Translation: Why ought to I go away? PhD can be proudly cultivated in our houses, we share the land of landlords in what number of generations, but we don’t stretch palms, my sister has four levels, is the college is the topper, my brother has 3 Degrees are nonetheless no job, we come ahead on our personal)

Check out this interplay proper right here:

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The actress just lately raised considerations about her account being suspended.

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