Keanu Reeves As Darth Revan In A Star Wars Movie? There’s Already An Awesome Fan Trailer

by Jeremy Spirogis
Keanu Reeves As Darth Revan In A Star Wars Movie? There’s Already An Awesome Fan Trailer

It’s now 2020 but we totally need the Keanussance of 2019 carry over into this present year. Why maybe not? Keanu Reeves tends to make every thing better. And do you know what could possibly be much better? Star Wars flicks. Maybe you love all nine flicks into the Skywalker Saga, perhaps not. But after viewing this lover’s intro truck for The Old Republic, incorporating Keanu since the character of Darth Revan, an old Jedi, we dare one to state this mightn’t make one fine-ass film:

Well, I’m in. I became in at Keanu, but I’m willing to grab my wallet for a film (or Disney+ tv show?) similar to this. YouTuber stryder HD uploaded the video clip because of the intro “A new Jedi rises,” making use of video footage from Keanu’s 47 Ronin, The Mandalorian, plus some lover movies, because of the games placed in the information.

The character of Revan first appeared into the 2003 video clip game Star Wars: Knights regarding the Old Republic, but he is truly removed and Darth Revan has actually his or her own after and activity numbers.

At any price, right here’s what stryder HD composed into the information for The Old Republic fan trailer:

It might be a phony truck, however the fascination with seeing Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan is very genuine:

A few fans who’re unsatisfied because of the ongoing state associated with the Star Wars galaxy think Keanu Reeves is our only hope:

Some Star Wars followers actually want to see a Revan separate movie:

Since The Mandalorian Season 1 had been a big success for Disney+ together with Star Wars galaxy most importantly, some followers tend to be starting the ground to your notion of a Star Wars film or Star Wars television show with Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan:

If Darth Revan ever before gets a film (or television show), Keanu Reeves does be seemingly among the top alternatives, however really the only option:

What do you believe? Should Darth Revan get a Star Wars film or TV show? Should The Old Republic be a unique motion picture or television show? In general, just what state you?

Should Keanu Reeves Play Darth Revan In Something?

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