Keanu Reeves Believes in Ghosts Because of a Strange Paranormal Encounter

by Jeremy Spirogis
Keanu Reeves at 2017 New York Comic Con

Keanu Reeves has starred in motion pictures about some unusual issues. In The Matrix, he acted in a world that was simulated solely by malevolent robots. In the Bill and Ted motion pictures, his character traveled by way of time. And in Constantine he fought with demons, to call just a few of the numerous fantastical movies Reeves has starred in.

These motion pictures have introduced Reeves a variety of fame, and have fed into his picture as an motion star. Producers and audiences simply appear to love seeing Keanu Reeves work together with these less-than-realistic plots.

And whereas Reeves most likely has by no means time traveled like Ted Logan or labored as an murderer like John Wick, it’s attainable that experiences in his life have impacted how he approaches these roles. So what sort of experiences has Keanu Reeves had with the otherworldly and the paranormal?

Keanu Reeves’s profession began within the 1980s

Keanu Reeves at 2017 New York Comic Con
Keanu Reeves | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

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While Reeves was performing fairly persistently from his first minor TV roles within the early 1980s, the earliest position that folks affiliate Reeves with is that of Ted Logan in 1989’s Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. From there, his fame actually grew, and he expanded into extra main roles.

The many motion and thriller roles that Reeves has performed through the years have given him a fame as an motion star. Nonetheless, lots of his main roles within the 1980s and 90s have been in dramas and comedies like Parenthood and an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

But with lead roles in movies like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Johnny Mnemonic, and Speed, individuals quickly noticed Reeves as a really perfect star for thrillers and motion motion pictures.

Keanu’s paranormal roles

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With the sorts of roles that Reeves is understood for, it is smart that many of those roles would contain him coping with the otherworldly.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula dealt closely with conventional folklore, being a vampire story. This movie noticed Reeves performing as Jonathan Harker and dealing with off towards Count Dracula.

In what is likely to be his most well-known position, that of Neo in The Matrix, Reeves fights towards sentient machines which have been harvesting people for power. This is extra of a science-fiction premise, although the movie attracts lots from faith, philosophy, and mythology.

Into the 2000s, Reeves starred in additional movies with paranormal parts. And 2005’s Constantine noticed him performing exorcisms and coping with the forces of Heaven and Hell, 47 Ronin added fantasy parts from Japanese folklore to a historic saga.

The 2021 yr will convey a 3rd sequel to The Matrix. Reeves’s performing profession clearly includes a variety of unusual and fantastical topics.

Keanu’s ghost story

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In an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Reeves appeared to reply some questions from the late-night comedy host. The questions Jimmy Kimmel requested have been fairly random, from nicknames to the flicks he’s been in.

But a query about ghosts prompted an attention-grabbing supernatural story from Reeves. According to the Matrix star, when he was younger and had simply moved to New York, he and his nanny noticed a ghost. The two of them have been in his bed room collectively, when Reeves seen a jacket floating by way of the air exterior the doorway earlier than it disappeared.

At his younger age, he didn’t assume a lot of it – however his nanny apparently was terrified, and Reeves discovered himself left with the query: “Is that a ghost? Or just some weird floating jacket?” Perhaps it was that early paranormal expertise that led Keanu to his curiosity in fantasy and science fiction movies.

And maybe his early calm at such a wierd expertise is one thing we will nonetheless see today in roles like Neo the place, within the face of the extremely unusual, he stays cool and picked up.

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