Keep these specific things under your pillow as well as your bad planets may also come to be auspicious

by Jeremy Spirogis
Keep these things under your pillow and your bad planets will also become auspicious

There are a few great plus some bad link between each world in most zodiac, relating to Tantra Shastra, there are numerous simple and easy obtainable actions when it comes to security associated with Navagrahas, that will never be in a position to attain our planet by following that you experienced and certainly will make your life better.

1 If your Mars is providing you with difficulty, exactly how should you fill liquid into the vessel and put the jewelery made of gold-and-silver material underneath the pillow. <! –


2 If the Sun is providing inauspicious outcomes, then fill water into the copper vessel beneath the sleep, if it’s not feasible to do this, then hold purple sandalwood beneath the pillow.

3 Lunar is bad. If it is really not feasible to help keep liquid filled into the gold vessel under B.Ed, then use thick gold.

4 Mercury is making chaos in life, place silver ornaments made beneath the pillow.

5 Devguru is crooked by Jupiter. Tie turmeric in yellow fabric and ensure that it it is beneath the pillow.

6 For the auspiciousness of Venus, make a silver fish and place it beneath the pillow or keep consitently the Neelam, the beloved treasure of Saturn associated with pillow.

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