Kevin Feige Says the MCU’s First ‘Horror Movie’ Won’t Actually Be That Scary After All

by Jeremy Spirogis
Kevin Feige on the red carpet

Dr. Strange within the Multiverse of Madness is likely one of the most anticipated MCU films in May of 2021, although there nonetheless appears to be confusion on the definition of its area of interest. During San Diego’s Comic-Con in the summertime of 2019, director of the movie (Scott Derrickson) stated it was going to be a scary movie. Everyone took that as being a horror movie contemplating Derrickson’s horror film pedigree.

Kevin Feige needed to make a affirmation on this later, even when many media pundits level out that horror would in all probability be a profitable area of interest for Marvel. Considering they’ve already gone into some fascinating sci-fi territory (with extra experimental areas to return), it makes one ponder whether the Dr. Strange sequel will nonetheless be categorized as horror.

Kevin Feige on the red carpet
Kevin Feige | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for HFA

What’s the actual definition between being “scary” and the horror style?

In the case of Dr. Strange within the Multiverse of Madness, it could simply imply scary sequences involving the mind-spinning magic enveloping his existence. Those who noticed the primary Dr. Strange film know the way a lot of a visit it was in depicting his magical powers and realms.

Some would possibly say it was like a drug journey situation in quite a lot of scenes. This was scary sufficient, and taking issues extra intensely within the sequel could be thought of nearly over-the-top.

How can moviegoers actually delineate between one thing scary in a film and nonetheless not deem it a horror film? Kevin Feige needed to make clear the Dr. Strange film would simply have “scary sequences” and never be deemed horror.

Perhaps the one strategy to separate the 2 is the killing off of characters. Almost each horror film has somebody being brutally killed, typically in graphic kind. In the world of Marvel, such a situation can be off-limits of their PG-13 areas.

Would Marvel ever embody actual horror of their wheelhouse sometime?

A number of media analysts maintain pondering Marvel going slightly darker can be to latter’s profit. DC has already gone there and continues to wash up on the field workplace with their R-rated manufacturing arm. They’re additionally simply starting after setting one other bar with Joker in 2019.

At the second, Marvel in all probability received’t go overly darkish, principally as a result of they’ve set a sure persona with their PG-13 scores. Also, with Disney proudly owning them, they possible don’t need to go into the territory DC makes use of with brutal violence and profanity.

Maybe viewers demand will change this over time, even when the MCU is doing high quality sticking to their system. They’ll be doing loads of daring issues anyway to shake every little thing up in each their films and Disney+ exhibits.

Although possibly creating scarier scenes in Dr. Strange 2 is a little bit of a take a look at to see how Marvel audiences react to them.

Doing a horror film concept on the MCU might need to be handed to another person since this isn’t Kevin Feige’s forte. He’s clearly bringing film sci-fi components to the desk first, a dream of his since he grew to become the brand new #1 in overseeing the MCU franchise.

Does horror need to imply dying and blood?

Anyone who’s watched sufficient horror films would know that being gory doesn’t at all times absolutely translate to what horror is. Insinuation is commonly far scarier than something blatant seen within the bloodfests of current a long time. Jordan Peele introduced again components of that, together with social commentary.

Marvel might simply do the identical factor, this time using uncontrolled superhero magic. After all, the magical realms of Dr. Strange are already a darkish world unto their very own. Within these worlds can exist dying as properly in methods going past some maniac with a knife.

Because Scarlet Witch additionally offers in witchcraft, WandaVision may also incorporate horror components underneath the guise of its reportedly oddball 1950s sitcom setting. Since that and the Dr. Strange sequel will all be related, the horror gauntlet might need already been thrown.

Disney already has a long gone of scaring audiences to dying with scary sequences of their animated classics. They can do it once more in a psychological method so horror works as a thoughts recreation relatively than adhering to bodily gore.

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