Kharmas 2020: Kharmas begin from today, take these precautions in a month's time, what to do and what not

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Kharmas 2020: Karmas has began from today. From today it’s forbidden to do auspicious works for an entire month. In this month, solely chanting, penance, donation have been mentioned within the scriptures.

Kharmas is the month associated to the Sun. Since life is feasible solely with the sunshine of Sun God on earth, their place has particular significance in auspicious works. The time of Kharmas is taken into account inauspicious as a result of the Sun is in low zodiac throughout this time. <! –


March 14 implies that today, the Sun God has entered the Pisces zodiac, so the time interval of Kharmas shall be from March 14 to April 13. Usually the time of Kharmas comes twice a 12 months.

In Kharmas, all types of auspicious actions like marriage, shaving, beginning of latest business, engagement, home constructing, home entry and many others. are prohibited.

Buying a home and many others. or buying a property in Kharmas is just not thought-about auspicious. One shouldn’t purchase a brand new automobile throughout this month. If a automobile and many others. is bought presently, then the troubles associated to the mentioned automobile might need to be suffered.

Sun must be worshiped throughout this time. Sun must be worshiped. Charity is of particular significance. Donations must be given to the poor, helpless and needy. Make them eat. Help them as a lot as attainable.

The donation of water throughout Kharmas can also be essential. During this time, the significance of bathing in holy rivers is instructed. At this time, bathing executed on the time of Brahma Muhurta is taken into account very helpful for the physique.

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