‘Killing Eve’: How Oksana’s Family Shows Villanelle’s Vulnerable Side

by Jeremy Spirogis
‘Killing Eve’: How Oksana’s Family Shows Villanelle’s Vulnerable Side

It’s been a tricky season of Killing Eve. Even Villanelle (Jodie Comer) wants a trip, so she went and visited her household. The fifth episode of Killing Eve’s third season spent an hour along with her household, and he or she spent an hour as Oksana. 

[Spoiler warning: This article accommodates spoilers for the Killing Eve episode “Are You From Pinner?”]

Jodie Comer | Des Willie/BBC America/Sid Gentle

Season Three showrunner Suzanne Heathcote spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by telephone in regards to the episode. Killing Eve airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on BBC America and AMC.

‘Killing Eve’ gave Suzanne Heathcote free reign to put in writing Villanelle’s household

Heathcote discussed her plans for visiting Villanelle’s household with everybody when she acquired the job, so all of them knew what they have been getting.

“Sid Gentle, the production company, were really amazing,” Heathcote stated. “I said pretty early on that that was an episode I wanted to write and I wanted it to be a standalone episode. They really let me come up with them. They were very supportive. That was Shannon Murphy who directed that episode was amazing, really amazing. She, Jodie and myself, we talked about it a lot. They were very supportive, BBC America and Sid Gentle with that episode.”

Villanelle's FamilyVillanelle's Family
Virginia Rogin | Ludovic Robert/BBC America/Sid Gentle

The showrunner has the ultimate phrase, however once you are available for season 3, you additionally must respect what got here earlier than. 

“The reality is we’ve never really seen any backstory in the first two seasons,” Heathcote stated. “So it was somewhat blank page and they knew that, which is why they sort of said I have free reign in that sense.”

Villanelle is herself along with her household

Villanelle is all the time unpredictable and enigmatic. Oksana form of nonetheless is, however visiting her Russian household let the viewers see her true self. 

Killing Eve Visits Villanelle's HomeKilling Eve Visits Villanelle's Home
Activities in Russia | Des Willie/BBC America/Sid Gentle

It was vital for all of us that Villanelle nonetheless remained mysterious and enigmatic. I additionally felt that’s why that episode needed to occur in isolation, as a result of we’re solely ever going to see that aspect of her and that vulnerability when she’s faraway from the remainder of the world. I actually felt we needed to take her again to Russia and put her again in that household dynamic for that a part of herself to actually be revealed. That isn’t part of herself she would ever present anybody else.”

Suzanne Heathcote, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 4/9/2020

The most tough music for ‘Killing Eve’ to clear was in that episode

By the time Villanelle rocks out to “Crocodile Rock,” you actually get a way of what her household life was like. She simply begins to loosen up and it cuts to business proper when she joins within the sing-along. Heathcote frightened she wouldn’t be capable to use that music.

Jodie Comer | Des Willie/BBC America/Sid Gentle

We have been extremely fortunate to get it. I believe Sandra [Oh] wrote to Elton [John]. We have been very, very fortunate. Everyone stated, ‘We’re by no means going to get that.’ I wrote that within the script. I like Elton John so I’d been listening to a bunch of songs, which I typically do once I’m writing for inspiration [and] I assumed, ‘What could the song be?’ I realy needed one thing upbeat and form of zany. Then I began enjoying ‘Crocodile Rock’ and I wrote the scene with that music enjoying. Everyone cherished it and it acquired a extremely good response from the community and the solid and every thing, however everybody was like, ‘We’re by no means going to get that. It’s going to be so exhausting to get the permission for it.’ Thank goodness Elton agreed. I’m so happy. I simply assume it’s a kind of bonkers moments that I’m very connected to.

Suzanne Heathcote, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 4/9/2020

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