Know why Muslim males solely have beard and never mustache

by Jeremy Spirogis
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new Delhi. Many Puranas and texts have been written beneath Hinduism and in a type of texts, Bhavishya Purana had already made a prediction about Islam. There have been about 50000 verses on this Purana, however this guide stored in Taxila University was burnt through the Mughal rule however 129 chapters and about 14000 verses have been disregarded of that guide.

It was already talked about on this guide that Mughals like Alauddin, Tughlaq, Timur, Babur, and Akbar must include the then king Harshavardhana of that point. Evidence of the beginning of Christ, the pinnacle of Christianity, can also be discovered on this Purana.

But even earlier than this, there was one other king, who got here to be often called Raja Bhoja, and noticed that the facility of his India had diminished and he determined that to guard his motherland, he must win the world. <! –

                 With his ten thousand military, many students and intellectuals like Kalidasa went forward with the king.

King Bhoja's military reached Mecca by way of Iran and Arabia, after crossing the Indus river, defeating the monastic kings in Gandhar and Kashmir. After reaching the desert there, when he noticed a Shivling there, he began meditating on Lord Shiva whereas worshiping him.

Lord Shiva additionally heard King Bhoj's prayer and got here to speak to him and advised him that you shouldn’t come right here. You ought to worship Ujjain Mahakaleshwar as an alternative of Makkeshwar (which we all know today as Mecca). At this place, a demon Tripurasura, whom I killed, is believed to be receiving safety from Asuraraj Bali and the pinnacle of this group is 'Maha-Mad' (a person full of things, also called Mohammed today) It is inflicting hassle, so that you go away from this malicious place.

After listening to the speak of Lord Shiva, when the King Bhoj began returning, the 'Maha-Mad' got here there and advised the King Bhoj that his Aryadharma is the very best faith on the earth, however with the assistance of your Shiva I’ll set up a faith which Will be recognized for cruelty. It will probably be obligatory for these believing to do their lingachedana (circumcision), solely to shave with out tilak and with out mustache. This group of mine will probably be very pricey to them, to whom any meals (meat) will probably be acceptable and to guarantee myself of this, I’ll come to your nation and quit my mustache hair.

Even today, these hairs of Hazrat Mohammad's mustache are stored secure in Hazrat Bal Majdid, Kashmir. That hair of Hazrat is called 'Moi-e-Muqaddas'. The field is opened a couple of times a 12 months so that each Muslim can have a glimpse of that hair. So that is the rationale that Muslims hold a beard and never a mustache.

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