Know why Republic Day is well known on January 26 solely !!

by Jeremy Spirogis
Know why Republic Day is celebrated on January 26 only !!

But today we inform you why Republic Day 26 is all the time celebrated, so the structure was prepared on 26 November 1949.

But on 26 January 1930, the Congress celebrated its first Independence Day.

So to commemorate that day, 26 January 1950 is well known as an alternative of 26 November 1949

The job of implementing the Constitution was of the Constituent Assembly and its first assembly was held on 11 December 1946 and the second assembly was held on 13 December. <! –


And the final assembly of the Constituent Assembly was held on 24 November 1949 and the Constitution was permitted by the Constituent Assembly solely after that some Articles have been launched on 26 November 1949.

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