Know why Shivraj's tweet is trending #HumWapasAayenge

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Raj Express Former Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has actually tweeted concerning the Kashmiri Pandits making residence. Former CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan stated this while trending #HumWapasAayenge from the tweet.

Former CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan said-

The injustice that took place to the Kashmiri Pandit siblings thirty years back, enjoyed value, can’t ever be forgotten. We cannot erase that discomfort to become a refugee inside our very own nation, but #HumWapasAayenge, this will be our federal government's resolve and certainly will satisfy it.

Why is #HumWapasAayenge trending?

#HumWapasAayenge is revealing on Twitter via hashtag. Let me tell you that about this time thirty years back, scores of our Kashmiri siblings had been obligated to keep their particular domiciles and get homeless. This could be the dark time whenever these innocent and simple folks became refugees in their own personal nation and there clearly was no body to wipe the rips of bloodstream moving from their particular eyes.

Tweet of previous CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan trending on Twitter #HumWapasAayenge

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